1. I said bae, but it was only on principle of elimination…

  2. I'm not certain she's all that lewd or yandere, though. She gets flustered easily when the yabai stuff comes up.

  3. Yeah that’s why I put her for that cause it said most pure

  4. I think I know what ame’s next cooking stream will be

  5. No. I support women’s rights AND women’s wrongs.

  6. I lost it when polka randomly started acting out a crime drama. I really want a polden episode now where polka is challenged to act out random short skits based off of a prompt or something, her improv is genius lmao

  7. Continue…. What happens after service industry workers leave due to low wages?

  8. They won’t. Mass mobilization in America is just not possible at this point. For every person that leaves a low wage service industry job there will be three more that snap up that opening out of desperation. And the cycle will continue.

  9. This is why I don’t get all the shit I see on Reddit about people owning the system by refusing to tip wait staff… all you’re doing is keeping a minimum wage worker from getting paid. The restaurants gonna keep underpaying their staff regardless of if you tip or not so why fuck over the most vulnerable person in the process??

  10. Is this supposed to be some sort of “gotcha”? Neko mikuri appears like twice in these screenshots and he’s not saying anything outrageous. He’s always uploaded both nijisanji and hololive clips on his channel.

  11. -"Let's put Holo and Niji in a same compilation. That way my Holo viewers will slowly be exposed to Nijisanji" Sorry I'm not a fan of clip channels that treat their viewer base like a herd of mindless cattle. I don't give a fuck about him clipping Niji or Holo, in fact I do watch his clips about Ars Amal, but the fact that he actually put those "Holo clips or Niji clips" polls up to justify his behavior

  12. I don’t see how putting hololive and niji in the same compilation is malicious. First of all if you don’t like it you don’t have to watch the clip. Second of all he’s clearly using a joking tone there, I highly doubt that he’s trying to brainwash hololive fans into watching nijisanji or some shit.

  13. Gonna have to catch the vod stay strong my fellow pekomoon soldiers

  14. It’s the only way to do sponsored episodes

  15. I started calling myself a “Struggler” like Guts from Berserk and it genuinely got me through Organic Chemistry II.

  16. before i comment on reddit i always think everyone has a comment history would i be able to look someone in the eyes if whatever crap i said was my most recent comment

  17. Kinda weak sauce tbh when I comment on the internet the only thing that exists is the present. I know I’m not saying any heinously offensive shit so past that i think it really doesn’t matter what future me thinks in a couple years or so

  18. I read this as “pound your ass” and I wasn’t even upset about it bruh

  19. Man I’m in love with this piece. I love the amount of different poses each version of suisei is in, each containing so much personality. They all look so cool, and the color palette/painting style is amazing… I also love the touch of comet/original suisei at the bottom of everyone else, facing away. It feels a bit melancholic, like the feeling I got from the “I kissed hatsune miku” MV, but it’s a very nice touch. Stellar work.

  20. Personally I like default suisei and template suisei holding hands

  21. Suisei lives truly never miss she just outdoes herself every time it’s incredible


  23. Aruran may have made fun of her for the third one but not gonna lie having a special website to remind you of stuff you commonly forget would be so useful

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