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  1. To be fair some xims are like. 100+ and my pc was a very very good bargain but it was £250 (1060 r3) so like 2xims is a pc

  2. Idk what he's upset about, the new update is sick asf

  3. Looks like arny, and the Bounty Hunter from the Man In The High Castle tv show

  4. Bed bugs are genuinely the fucking worst. I still have scars from my encounter with them. Bombed my room with spray 3 times, sprayed my mattress well over that. Those little assholes are persistent.

  5. Nah. People are still going to play this game even after the release of bonelab.

  6. Yeah! Give people time to save up for Bonelab OP!

  7. No, Bonelab is coming out in one hour, both on quest, and pcvr. It will obliterate sport mode.

  8. Golems were made by the Carian sorcerers. In the past, the trolls, which is from the Giants clan, betray them and joined force with the Carian sorcerers. That's why you can see Iji served Rennala, Rennala can summon a troll ash in phase 2 while saying "oath sworn Giant" and you can even meet trolls that are Carian Knights.

  9. Its not a bad idea, and since the actual game lore is very speculative at times, you could probably make connections and even theorize

  10. That's one of the things I love about the game

  11. First you call me 12 then tell me to seethe on your dick?

  12. This honestly made me realize how much more emphasis I need to put on words when speaking. That was hysterical.

  13. Well well well.. if it isn't my arch nemesis..

  14. Tell them proud boys "What's the matter? I'm white too. Shouldn't you be protecting me?"

  15. Really? I was trying to type "Do we put a rotate or no?" but I messed my spelling up so badly that that ended up popping up. Could I get banned from it?

  16. I have said some very heinous things in allchat and been filtered multiple times, nothing ever comes of it.

  17. the problem is, when i always place kapkans no soul goes through there

  18. Personally, I think you shouldn't think so hard about where to put them. When I play Azami, I place my kiba's in places that I could use to cover an escape route, cut off a flank, or create a choke point

  19. Depending on the site but I usually place them in the rooms around the site never on the site doors but the rooms next to it because 8/10 times people wont look for kapkan traps there

  20. Eventually, I feel like you just get a sixth sense for where and when to use your gadget. Kinda like how when you get in tune with the TTK and know when to stop shooting

  21. I'm so tired of how many people have been bitching about it. Modern games have set a trend of offerring less for more. 70 dollar games. This game, is one of the most jam-packed games that has or well come out in 10 years. Ontop of being a fucking vr game. And $40 is the price point. Not even full price by most standards.

  22. Go to the Forlorn Evergaol and get Bloodhound's Fang!

  23. And no one on your team to see it.. glad we got to homie, good shit

  24. I swear to god if I see this fucking post again

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