1. 17 hours and counting, no-one has conclusively highlighted the targets, and OP has dodged the question several times, simply saying that they are 'in there', nothing about them being actually visible though. If the target isn't visible, it's not a valid post.

  2. I agree. Usually OPs tell us by now. I think OP was making a point about snipers, this should have been in


  4. It is not a tax band. The tax bands are there in black and white. ETA- I pay tax on all my income, which is less than £35k, due to my circumstances. That doesn't mean the personal allowance doesn't exist, it just doesn't exist for me.

  5. I don't think you understand how it works.

  6. As I say, let the government know. This is what they think the bands are*:Income Tax rates and bands*

  7. There's a gutter above my garage door that leads to an open downpipe in the corner of the tarmaced drive. It pours water in heavy rain. There is a drain in the centre of the drive. The house was built in the 1970s. It hasn't caused any problems.

  8. I don't have a link. Just get in a the car and go to whichever is closest: Wickes, B&Q, Screwfix etc. Just not Homebase because they're really shit.

  9. Genuine question: Homebase doesn't have the right broom, or is there something else about them?

  10. This guy is fucking awesome. Serious front-butt going on too.

  11. Looking at his jelly-bean shape, he may have a genetic disorder.

  12. Nice plane, not sure you should print props tho. Apart from the danger of them breaking, they are a little bit complex as they are held by metal bits.

  13. OK that makes me feel way better. One or two tiles got smashed but for the most part I chiseled them off the floor and they came off it one big tile. Thank you.

  14. I took a load up 10 years ago, I'm fine. I was told by a doctor the risk lies with people who work with it or live with it all the time, like radiologists with x-rays.

  15. Are you sure the existing lead isn't long enough? You can take the plug off it (it unscrews apart , unscrew the wires inside, twist/pull the wires out of the plug, thread the lead through the counter top and refit the plug. Take a photo of the wiring in the plug if you are a novice. If the plug doesn't come apart, cut it off and fit a new one.

  16. Thanks for the advice! I'm definitely a little scared about messing with the wiring of a brand new dryer/plug - but if it isn't too hard I could give it a try.

  17. It isn't hard, especially if the present one comes apart. Check you have the enough length of lead before you start otherwise it will be a bit pointless. I should imagine it is what someone you call out would do as it is the simplest option. Check the wires are secure and you use the exact same fuse in any new plug.

  18. The Deathclaw only appears after you free Preston and start killing the raiders. Before that the door is inaccessible.

  19. No. That's near Poseidon Reservoir. Though that one has Deathclaw too.

  20. Has been patched. The window is boarded up wither with newer patch or with unofficial patch.

  21. I don't quite understand.. I'm playing the vanilla game, which gets normal updates via Steam. The window has always been like this, hasn't it?

  22. Everybody assumes that anybody playing is using the Unofficial Patch mod. People forget that others play the game vanilla

  23. What does the patch do? Edit: I've just looked, it stops bugs. I don't get bugs luckily.

  24. Wales is solidly pro-Brexit! Like the Red Wall, they feel it is worth enduring a bit of poverty to have politicians who they have elected and who will serve their best interests, like Lord Frost, Johnson and Sunak.

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