[Serious] Men of Reddit who have been raped by women, what’s your story?

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Man Who Lived in Small Apartment Owes Nintendo $14.5 Million: Gary Bowser was recently sentenced to over 3 years in prison and ordered to pay millions to Nintendo for what his lawyers say was a relatively minor role in a Nintendo Switch piracy ring.

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  1. If he getd pulled on guarantee hes getting smoked first, looks like a struggle getting it ready being stowed like that.

  2. Quit the game and run. EfT is dead, watch g0at video about wiggling

  3. Man 1080p starting to look like standard definition

  4. Proceeds to continue struggling to bike on grass.

  5. Can yall fuck off, if op can afford 4000 in parts op can do whatever the fuck with the other 2000 cause op most likely could afford it.

  6. Read the labels! Everything is clearly marked, but you do have to read the markings.

  7. Welp all the Yu-Gi-Oh duelists are doomed.

  8. Considering the average Yu-Gi-Oh deck has more text than the Silmarillion it's hard to blame them.

  9. True! I just read the Albaz structure deck. Its a great book!

  10. You definitely should have reported it. You definitely were raped. Being beaten is not apart of sex.

  11. Hellll nah she would definitely pin it on him.

  12. geft says:

    She would but the real shit is that the cops would definitely side with her.

  13. Update: seems CPU and GPU stalled at the same time. Temps are at 81 C for gpu and i think cpu because integrated gpu report’s 80 C. Could the computer be overheating?

  14. Wait a minute didnt Gavin want to operate nuclear power plants longer than 2025????

  15. A reminder to tip your drivers! I am looking at you 93313-93307 … we also accept cashapp tips 😂.

  16. Yet they criticized FromSoftware. Ubiretarded tbh.

  17. Not only is it annoying but I think this might be malicious buisness practice. What do you guys think?

  18. Contrary to what Parks and Rec taught us, jail is not actually the solution to everything.

  19. You are right. We musg execute the bastard.

  20. After that we execute his friends friends and their friends friends, and thats were we end the root of all evil. We’d be heroes!

  21. Here i thought it was Mario Brother and Luigi Brother.

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