1. her mouth on the last panel looks weird because there are no panels of Asa with her mouth shut in that angle (at least on c114) and I don't know how to draw mouths

  2. she was out on a date with this dude Dennis. still figuring herself out

  3. I only know about Duvet from Serial Experiments Lain

  4. This meme is special, so thanks for sharing :3

  5. i'm memeing my guy, this the type of shit I find funny too lmao :)

  6. those were 50 page chapters though

  7. AoT season 4 part 1 was 16 episodes, so I think MAPPA might do the same for Chainsaw Man

  8. I haven't read it but isn't that the really cursed one with incest in it? Yeah you're probably right.

  9. "In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move"

  10. hitchhikers quote updoots to the left o7 xdxddxd

  11. death being pity strengthens my theory that kobeni has a contract with the death devil /s

  12. he used to post a 20-30 min piano improv session everyday in his secondary channel, then one day he uploaded a 2h session called "Grand Finale" and killed himself the next day. genuinely tragic stuff, he seemed like a creative genius as well

  13. crazy that the art is made by cate. like imagine drawing this and reading lyrics about yourself after a breakup

  14. Why is everyone saying "ddger" all of a sudden? did I miss a meme?

  15. oh lol just saw it thats wack haha

  16. No, people definitely shit on philosophy to your face. It’s not even a poor earning major either people just think it is.

  17. what are the main job opportunities for a philosophy major?

  18. does this feel like scribblenauts to anyone else?

  19. nunca provei escureto, é melhor que negresco? se o togata aprova tenho que experimentar

  20. I "know" him and he was a lot hysterical about this and several other pathetic things as well.

  21. Supposing u speak portuguese.

  22. English is not my language sorry....what is the correct sentence?

  23. "Why did they leave even after you gave them your 100%?"

  24. Aqui vieram com essa, eu falei que apostava R$1000 que não. Rapidinho o assunto morreu.

  25. Aqui em casa é 100% assim também. Qualquer coisa de "great reset 2030" ou "traficantes vão descer dos morros e assaltar todo mundo" peço pra apostar R$2000 com odds e sempre negam

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