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  1. I thought it was because a braided hair is easy to control and stuff but the chain stuff sounds a lot better

  2. Sigma female encounters dumb horny incel (it's one of the best days of her life)

  3. Understood but you need to give us some more info. So where how and for what games are you planning to use it and if it will be for a PC or console. Ideally provide the full name of the device. They usually have some weird, long code of numbers and letters after the name of the brand and hardware line. There are around 10 LG UltraGear monitors with 27 inch and 144Hz so hard to compare at that point. Generally speaking AOC is widely established on the gaming market but otherwise rather unknown and I do not know if they are reliable.

  4. it's gonna be on the table in my bedroom and for now connected to a laptop and Xbox 360 some times. The table is pretty close to my bed so even if I just wanna watch something I don't see it being too small. The games I plan on playing with it when I get a PC (I'm building my set up little by little, I already have the keyboard, mouse, mousepad, table and chair, with the monitor being the last piece before the computer) are Brawlhalla, Rocket League, warzone 2.0, Genshin Impact, Valorant, Cyberpunk, Horizon, For Honor and Forza Horizon 4 or 5.

  5. Thanks, that gets us farther. So the LG monitor is great and I would go for it. Nothing super extraordinary but all the common stuff is top notch. If your reviews report positively on it, definitely go for it. The AOC Hero is something I only find for Brasil so it might have a different name over here in EU. As it is such a weird line I would personally rather stay away from it as it is limited to some specific market and not proven in the world wide market.

  6. Thanks, I guess I'll go for the LG. Shame I won't be able to afford a 2k monitor for now since I'm only going for this monitor cuz it's very cheap at this moment and on sale rn. But I'll definitely look into the version u gave me in the future for an upgrade

  7. That’s because he was helping her deal with her trauma. You wouldn’t have a constant boner while helping someone with trauma unless you were a complete monster.

  8. Or your thing just decides to wake up on its on. Erections can't be controlled

  9. Well, I'd like to make myself believe that planet Earth turns slowly :3

  10. Me realizing Fujimoto spoils us everytime by releasing new chapters 😡😡😡😡

  11. ^ This dude either going places or not leaving his place at all

  12. This :( lost both virginities for no real reason other than wanting to get my dick wet, no romance or anything

  13. And? My own preference tells me his taste is shit, therefore i think his opinion is bad despite not affecting anyone but him.

  14. That's a bit childish, isn't it? Well, I guess u wouldn't care tho. Have a good day

  15. Man its just a downvote ☠️ i aint calling him an in incel or some shit like that because indeed its just a preference

  16. It's because they need a month to realize the reason you're so mysterious is the fact that you have no actual personality

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