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  1. On my honor, I briefly knew a couple with a baby they'd named........Delirium Tremens. I tried my best to explain. To no avail, they were in love with the sound of it. The cherry on top was they hadnt known about the medical condition; they got it off a bottle of beer.

  2. I knew a couple people who’s names were IAdoreYou (no spaces) that was actually her first name. And another lady’s name who was crystal Chanda lier. Because her mom always wanted a crystal chandelier…she hates her name :)

  3. DD isn't very big, actually. It just means a 5" difference between bust and underbust, so it's totally normal for someone with a 36" bust and 30" waist to be a DD, which is a pretty standard size medium in a lot of brands. If you feel like your boobs are big and aren't fitting into shirts it's more likely that you're not a DD and are wearing the wrong bra size. I recommend checking out

  4. What’s tragic is my moms a DD and I’m an A 😭😭😭

  5. That actually makes sense to me, thanks. I live in a small country, most democracies are relatively small compared to the USA, I guess, and those rules would be insane to apply here.

  6. Cities just outnumber rural areas and the way of life between the two couldn’t be more different, it’s really not fair to have one make rules for the other when they have no idea how the other lives. Especially considering there are millions of people on both sides. USA is stupid big.

  7. Yeah, that actually does sound very sensible to me. Up until the 2 party system, as you say. But then again, here we have like 16 parties, some small, some big, and forming a coalition is always a mess. Some parties get completely excluded beforehand due to friend politics, which is seriously undemocratic imo.

  8. i was pretty surpised when i saw it (i had watched adventure time on tv when i was smaller but i just rewatched it all and i coulent remember anything lol) anyways the end suprised like a like. like with golb coming out of some sky bootyhole and then just making monsters out of everything i was surprised to say the least.

  9. I don’t understand how the candy kingdom got their sleep pods tho. They never talked about it. Sweet pea was lookin good tho. A true adventurer. The new Billy

  10. No i definitely get that. I like that too. Horimiya is like that. Nothing bad really happens. I mean it talk abt bullying in the past but for the most part they’re just chilling and enjoying each other. I just like watching characters be happy. As they live everyday life

  11. Interesting. Well the anime is basically a wattpad story. But it’s great. 10/10. Some parts that are really serious are really funny. But definitely a romance.

  12. I’m an Emma. Do you know how many Emma’s there are? It feels like it’s been the number one baby name for 20 years 😭

  13. Do you have to be married for that? And how do you do it?

  14. I enjoy a very flavorful marinara. Sauce, especially in Italian food, is the star of the show! I also have chronic sinus congestion, so my sense of taste and smell aren’t very strong, hence all the different flavors.

  15. How long did it take you to figure out you don't need tomatoes to make spaghetti?

  16. Bro my mother in law makes “homemade spaghetti sauce” and it’s literally just a bunch of half tomatoes that got fried in something, there’s no sauce. Just oily tomatoes. And my husband is “ong the best sauce ever!” Your noodles are still white my guy. And every time we buy a sauce he complains that his moms is better. His moms spaghetti is honestly the worst and saddest “spaghetti” I’ve ever had.

  17. I’ve found my people! I LOVE that description! I’ve often wondered how I went from an outgoing, talkative kid to a sad, hurt adult (with trust issues around friends and co-workers). I also have ADHD and talked too much, too loud, without a filter as a child. People were always commenting on how I talked too much. Then I was bullied by the stereotypical “mean girls” and “cool kids” because I wasn’t very socially aware. By the time I started college I was incredibly anxious and awkward, which resulted in me being stand-offish and mad at the world. Even now as a 40+ year old I feel left out of work activities and ignored. I want to be invited and included, and don’t know how to initiate. I’m also distrustful of friends and co-workers because I’ve been stabbed in the back, and now when I hear them talk about other people, I think “they’re doing the same about me”.

  18. I feel the exact same way. Same thing happened for but I’ve not been diagnosed with anything

  19. Constantly insulting others, demanding things all the time, constantly complaining about the help others give her, rarely offering or agreeing to help others, making others feel guilty when she does help them, gossiping about things that are not her business, general greed, and overall just plain dickishness at every opportunity.

  20. I thought maybe reconnaissance and sr was search and rescue. I have no idea

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