He’s been playing games on my iPad since he was a kitten. He’ll come up and just start swiping at it when he’s bored. Guess who just bought me this Indonesian mask in a live, swipe-to-bid, no bid confirmation or cancellations, online auction. He’s so proud.

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  1. I have had no issues using BMO to send e transfers to Shakepay.

  2. Is she related to Bob WeHadABabyItsABoy by chance?

  3. I was just thinking about this commercial a few weeks back.

  4. Staying as anonymous as you can in the world of crypto is very important. Generating new addresses is one step in this process. I am very thankful Shakepay implements this feature. Make sure to use it!

  5. I'm totally going to use this excuse on my girlfriend, there's no way she could get mad at our cat.

  6. Sigons is a great set, you can wear that shit until late nightmare/early hell.

  7. Holy fire is SUCH a fun build to walk the game with now. Of course it drops off in later NM acts and hell but it's so fun to watch carvers instantly die trying to swarm you.

  8. Your dad and I go way back, and we are the same age.

  9. It'll be the surprise of the century when the winner is

  10. I need help. Why are these valuable? I can understand how several +20 life are good, but my AR is 2000+ on my poor builds that need it. I'm assuming it's the max damage that allows for interesting calculations?

  11. The idea would be to load a melee character's inventory with these bad boys, and do very high damage, because all of these stats are applied before bonuses.

  12. Get off this subreddit before you spoil some cool shit.

  13. Kent Restaurant on Kent and Nairn, it's a pizza place now. Used to be the best little breakfast spot, closed because of COVID...

  14. Uber and Airbnb don't really work, but that doesn't change the sentiment of this post.

  15. Ya to other gay people, it’s not the same when straight people do it.

  16. Amount of sats/eth sent to another wallet, could be like a little vault icon.

  17. I don't have 14 friends so maybe consider yourself lucky!

  18. Stamp your seed phrase for your hardware wallet(s) on some metal and bury them in your parents yard. Never give these words to anyone for any reason unless you don't want to own crypto anymore.

  19. Don't worry, it's also electrically powered, the battery is just the back up.

  20. You are correct, but, if you have a fire and the power goes out (very common to have both things happen) that smoke alarm will be rendered useless.

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