1. My family lives across from the Wexners. Was 13 and wanted to smoke a J. Built an igloo on his property in the woods and the next hour there were german shepard’s surrounding the place lmao Edit:Spelling

  2. Hi OP! Same thing happened to me at 14 (F). It can be super scary. If you and your girlfriend are unable to afford Plan B, would you be able to reach out to friends? Maybe they would be willing to spot you some money that you could pay them back for?

  3. The staff shortage here is crazy. Second shift (3-11p) is absolutely horrible, sometimes only 1 nurse for the patients. Some patients are 6 foot+ and 300+ pounds and aggressive (not to mention on the spectrum or with disorders causing aggression). First shift is staffed but that's it.

  4. People really think you should tip based off of the order amount? They’re not preparing the food and refilling the drinks. They’re literally picking it up and dropping it off. No way I would tip a dasher 20%.

  5. weird that they said that but only paying 10$ tip on an order that’s over 150$ is a little crazy. if you can afford that meal i’d think you could tip them a little extra (coming from a broke college student)

  6. Possums are sneaky little bastards for any food they can find but they're good natured. Can't carry anything too nasty disease wise too. We've got one in our backyard we named Paul

  7. Hi! I am 24 and I have an appointment with my PCP tomorrow for the first time. I think medication really helps and i would suggest to go to a dr/NP and get advice. I’d try and reach out to someone who specialized in behavioral health/addiction. PM if you need any help:)

  8. If u have to use nsfw filter it needs medical attention

  9. I timed my drive thru trip the last time. 3 mins, fastest I ever got an order.

  10. Yup. It's so much easier to place blame on the individual since everyone likes a clean cut villain. As can be seen by people ridiculing her for leaving her car running for her job. As if that's good reason to have bad things happen to you.

  11. Would you do the same? No. Because you would know that newborns are incredibly vulnerable and should not be placed in unsafe situations. I understand working with your kids, she could have turned her car off and locked it and she could have not placed her newborn on a bed face down after eating. Can you not acknowledge that the mom not only once but twice placed her children in harms way?

  12. This is exactly why I left my job at childrens hospital. The current system keeps kids in home when there are repeated issues of safety. We would see gun shots, injures, medical neglect. Our case managers/ doctors would reach out to child protective services and the kids go right back to these situations.

  13. While I appreciate the reassurance and sentiment, according to guidelines, kids shouldn't really be eating that kind of food either.

  14. Before all the disgustingly uneducated commenters flock here, she was struggling with chronic postpartum depression which had escalated into psychosis. She was receiving treatment. This is a horrible tragedy caused in part by systemically subpar attention to the mental health crisis plaguing this nation.

  15. To anyone blaming the husband saying stuff like why would he leave the kids with her or why didn’t he notice and get her help- I heard he had switched to working from home because they knew she had PPD or PPP and she was in a treatment program 5 days a week. I heard he only went out to grab takeout when this happened. I’m sure he felt like she’d be fine while he went out and he obviously will never be the same and must be so so devastated beyond what I (or most of us) could ever imagine.

  16. Did you hear the news release? Kinda counteracts a lot of what was said. I don’t usually take this stance but I truly think if this was a POC who did this they would be considered a horrific murderer but bc she’s a pretty L/D white nurse she’s a victim of PDD even tho if you hear everything when she faces the judge it shows there may be some more details….

  17. My sister had 3 treatments a week for a month then slowed it down. Never understood it

  18. I’ve had most the Indian food in Columbus and keep coming back to Cumin and Curry. Who do you think is best?

  19. Himalayan Grill was amazing and Tadka but they both closed. Try Yak and Yeti in Blacklick, Taj Mahal is pretty good, I think it’s called cinnamon grill but it’s on campus and it’s fairly decent. A lot of Indian places have sadly closed during the pandemic

  20. Google it. Owner is in trouble for basically being a complete scum bag a defrauding the PPP system with a bunch of others

  21. And you would choose your hair over enjoying sex? Asking seriously... I don't mean it to sound condescending.

  22. I am 24(F) and my bf at the time was taking oral finasteride. He ended up switching to topical and he didn’t have the problem afterwards!

  23. There’s a “hidden” abandoned factory behind the salvation army on South High. If you walk to the left of Salvation army in the alley way you’ll see it. There are multiple floors and graffiti everywhere! I wouldn’t go alone though with an expensive camera but it’s a pretty cool spot!

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