1. Sub zero mythologies was dope. Basically a konquest mode. So that

  2. In my opinion you aren’t gonna get much improvement from drawing dummy heads all day

  3. Last part sounds like excuses to me. If you really have a desire and passion. You will figure it out. A year ago I was stuck at the anime-comic book figure level. Now I’m doing realism with ink pens. From practicing. There’s no guarantee in anything you do. But if you really put in the work and effort. Than something will come out of it.

  4. Most important thing when working with realism is proportions. They have to be accurate or it won’t look right. 2. Get some better drawing paper. 3. You need value and contrast in your drawings. The shading looks flat and dull and has no dimension for the eyes to look at as a 3D object.

  5. Needs more value. Noticed in the Apple that you have a light tone, mid tone, and semi dark tone. But don’t have a dark tone

  6. Cause I’m good at it, and also because it’s my passion. I can’t let my talent go to waist. Not tryna look back 5-10 yrs from now and say what could I be if i kept drawing

  7. I agree. A lotta ppl kinda thought he was stale due to him just being an “evil Goku” but he wasn’t just an evil Goku. He had his own character.

  8. Dope!🤙🏼 I really tried to capture satos style

  9. Apparently that jobs already filled- by you!

  10. I’m glad I’m able to control your emotions over a comment you puppet. Glad I was able to piss someone off today

  11. Pissed someone off? I sent a bottle emoji bro lol

  12. Sending an emoji don’t change the fact you are pissed off. Which is why you replied to my comment

  13. Don’t trip. If she is doing something grimey behind your back. Eventually you will find out. And when you do and if she is, don’t trip. Act cool. Then never talk to her again. Complete ghost.

  14. Best art advice I ever got was “draw what you see” worked out pretty good for me

  15. Roaster was stacked, intro was one of the best mk intros ever, decent storyline, good gameplay. Classic mk

  16. Why would you ever care about someone else’s thoughts and feelings in your opportunities?. Who cares. Don’t worry about things you can’t control

  17. So you tryna get validation from random sexless incels on the internet ? No mames. Not healthy. Get a hobby, a passion. Lowkey too old to be doing this

  18. You would’ve been better off learning from YouTube. That’s where I learned and I’m amazing

  19. With Eminem? Absolutely not. Don’t wanna hear “I’m superhumanabsjdjsnebsjskenrycndlfogoeiehtbfmfldoduebbtmdkslalalapwrruxnazlxnrutptxnshfsjwgwtsncnsogptirncnrucn”

  20. I’ve heard many many Eminem songs. All boring, all way to edgy for me. I’m cool

  21. Use a reference and map out outlines to prevent you making the proportions wrong. As you can tell her arms are way to long and skinny and the gun is way to big. Also her back is to curved in

  22. I usually draw small. Not really sure why. Just never been the type to go really big. And for this one in particular the whole body was meant to be drawn but never got around to it 🤙🏼

  23. No wank he’s universal and just a tier below immeasurable speed. He’s kept up with Superman, fought Superman, fought characters who’ve fought Superman. It’s very consistent. Don’t know why everyone thinks Aquaman is some weakling

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