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  1. Might be inconsistent diameter of the filament.

  2. My thoughts right now are my gear can’t grab onto the matte filament the same way. So I’m slowing down the print time in hopes that it helps the gear grip the filament.

  3. Measure the diameter first trust me

  4. I’ve had this issue with three different brands of pla. All matte black. The moment I switch off of matte there’s no more issue.

  5. If you think Trump would have sided with the workers, you were gonna vote for him already. Doesn’t make this decision by Biden any better, but those are two separate issues.

  6. Also it’s this failing to pass because 10 republicans couldn’t be bothered to vote yes. I don’t see how a senate vote comes down to the president.

  7. The only caveat with being a caregiver for someone else and patient is: you cannot have a caregiver if you yourself is a caregiver.

  8. Sweet! So we agree that both parties are shit and will certainly not further empower them with our votes, right?

  9. Definitely not voting for the party actively taking away people’s fundamental rights human rights, stripping away public safety, trying to make it more difficult to vote, and lacking any kind of actual stance on any issue other than ‘the opposite of them’. Until there’s another party with good ideas against the dems, well I guess I’m voting dem for a while.

  10. Forward party is actively pushing for ranked choice voting. Green Party is pushing climate issues and maternal leave/pay. Libertarian is pushing legalized drug laws. Independent Party is pushing single payer healthcare.

  11. There are zero candidates in my local elections or on any of my ballots. My choices where I live are two.

  12. Your superiors are incredible and you can tell they respect the hell out of you. Work on yourself a little bit and get yourself a real girl when you're ready. Proud of you bossman

  13. woman girls are the ones that do immature shit like what happened to OP.

  14. Legislature is trying to loosen medical cannabis so they can avoid going Rec. They want our money not to help us or to right a hundred year old wrong.

  15. Just let me grow with zero issues and I’ll never spend a dime again on bud

  16. Then vote for representatives and initiatives that support recreational marijuana. They’ll never let us grow our own with the current medical system.

  17. Hope they said “No homo.” Otherwise they are going to jail.

  18. Muslim men hold hands in public. It’s not considered a homosexual act.

  19. Thank you. I misspoke. Generally Muslim cultures are ok with male hand holding.

  20. 3 poops in Ohio? That’s gonna be hard to beat.

  21. Doing an Aldhani set for next month?

  22. Yep! Special CRATE-MAS bonus files for the OnlyCrates patreon in December :)

  23. I’ll have to check it out. I’m pledged to Multiverses Ord Ferrum (Ferrix). Would be sweet to do a Feerix table and an aldhani table. Then scarrif for a 3 game thematic play through.

  24. Very nice - I was wondering how long before we got "sci-fi brick texture" terrain.

  25. Their Kickstarter is still live until Thursday. $35 for the all in pledge. And this file is on there for free. They just showed off the hotel and arches to connect the buildings together to make it more cohesive.

  26. My wife and I are both capable of contributing to conception. I got a vasectomy because neither of us want children and that was a discussion we had within the first three months of our relationship. Having and being a partner is so much more than the ability to conceive and reproduce. Talk with your prospective partners on if they want children, or if they’d be comfortable with a surrogate or adopting.

  27. It's terrifying that this is not an isolated drunk and there's a huge constituent of our country that spouts the same nonsense, which is clearly regurgitated from the same rightwing sources. These people operate with their emotions, not their centers of reason and no amount of evidence contradicting their beliefs is going to bring them back.

  28. A man in Ohio recently murdered his neighbor while he was doing yard work with his family because the murderer thought he might be a democrat. No confirmation. Just a hunch.

  29. Get coochie cream. It’s a shave cream designed for the more sensitive areas. Plus it makes your it’s smell like cupcakes.

  30. I work with the dude who the shovel girl fight was over. Ohio trash at it’s finest. Shits wild out here man.

  31. Good point. This may have been a 1 1/2 month-old episode that they banked for scheduling issues when they occur and are now using it. I liked both shows better when they were slightly topical, but I understand the logistics.

  32. The shows were way better when they were recorded week to week. Prebanked episodes lack relevance. Not just for ymh but any show I’ve listened to.

  33. Ohio needs to stop doing this shit on off years and put it on the ballot during a presidential election year

  34. It was supposed to be on the midterm ballot but republicans sued it off the ballot because of extension dates that were given by the republicans in office were deemed “illegal.”

  35. Wow that was a confusing question. It sounds like you needed to print small items for your wife. So I was thrown for a loop when you started talked about 0.6 nozzles!

  36. Small item Christmas list from me. Sorry. Lol

  37. Acetone is extremely hard on the powder coated sheets: textured and satin. It will ultimately loosen the paint from the steel plate. Acetone is great for occasional use on the smooth sheet whose surface is a PEI sheet glued to the steel plate.

  38. An enclosure could cause heat creep into the extruder as well though. Have to be careful how high the ambient temp gets. Took me a few prints to figure that out when I switched back to pla from abs. Ended up taking the walls off my enclosure.

  39. Problem is there are way too many things for these companies to devote their limited Trichomes to. Edibles, Tinctures, RSO, Concentrates, Moon Rocks, etc. I really am surprised that the growers have not applied pressure to the Gov. to allow more weight to be produced per facility.

  40. They have. The state finally allowed them to triple their grow sizes. But almost no one has finished their construction and growing at the new capacity.

  41. I have a friend who lost his cards to a flood but still had his official models. He was told be a few different TO that he had to have the cards as well to play. Which I think is shitty because there is no way to replace them.

  42. Depends on where you go and who your TO is. Big tournaments will always be more strict. But a bi monthly tournament I go to allows 3D printed proxies for existing units.

  43. The mechanic of unit “cards” is fine. But i want to just bring a list or a laptop instead of 20 cards

  44. Most tournaments will allow that. More than half of the people that I’ve played at tournaments didn’t bring their cards or at least didn’t set them up.

  45. The dr recommendation is a 360 day cycle based on what date it was written. Registration expires at the end of the month the following year of whatever month you registered on the state’s website. You have I think 120 days to register after getting the recommendation before you’re forced to get another recommendation.

  46. Everyone should be taxed. If you provide charity to the community and have a positive impact on the community that is measurable, give them some sort of refund. But pay the taxes first.

  47. Potatoes also have less carbs the more you heat and cool and reheat potatoes too.

  48. I have the hardest time with contrasts and smooth surfaces. Yours look fantastic.

  49. The dude who trained birds and dogs they got to call in a few times was fantastic. Also Thursday lane. Beautiful guppies.

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