People who don't want to work, why?

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  1. So many ways to misconstrue that, well done.

  2. You are not a bad teacher for walking into poorly run school and not being able to instantly turn things around. That school, however, does deserve whatever staffing issues they are having.

  3. Most adults can follow context and subtext without needing their hand held, but thank you friend, for making it clearer to all those who can't.

  4. I did not study, I got a 68/80, which is passing by a wide margin (37/80 is min passing). Don't worry.

  5. You need to average 41 points on each section i.e 123 total points with a minimum of 37 allowed on a section but you have to make up the missing points somewhere else

  6. Nah, the latter is a cyclical reckoning where the former is linear. Aquarius will come round again someday, the Aeon of Horus will not.

  7. Did the US ever experience a time period where right-wing Nazis didn't have a platform and intellectual discourse mattered more?

  8. They had too much riding on that SC industry.

  9. Which metals do they have a monopoly on? As I understand it between the US and Canada we're pretty much set for quite a long time.

  10. It isn't Neodymium, and that's a big one. China makes a lot, but they aren't the only game in town for sourcing.

  11. Yeah and they are losing that ice sheet at a record rate, so, lucky us, I guess. We get to be king shit of fuck mountain till it all burns.

  12. These idiots are yes getting attention but not the kind they want where people are motivated or inspired to join them.

  13. Anyone that rips up and wrecks carbon generating infrastructure is helping. Anything less than that is content generation, this act in particular is content generation.

  14. Are they helping or are they galvanizing people against real and reasonable action to stop climate change.

  15. Maybe I don't want my itinerary or any part of it displayed. Maybe I just don't want that, and this company is forcing it on me for an advertising gimmick. What a boring dystopia.

  16. All this went without saying bud. But thanks for including me in your self esteem boost.

  17. Oh goodness, you are wasting your time but thank you for trying.

  18. 🤨Won't pay workers what they deserve to live comfortably 😐Will overwork workers so they feel harassed even in their free time 🙄In their free time they work multiple jobs to make ends meet 🤡Boss man decides he hates that, projects weird rejection issues onto workforce and fires them

  19. Literally both ways are valid because that is how multiplication works. As a teacher I am a little more than mildly infuriated by this.

  20. You did it wrong. LinkedIn is just a place to keep an up-to-date resume so that recruiters can let you know when you've been at the same job too long and they're underpaying you. Absolutely everyone using it for anything else are clowns that keep revenue flowing so that LinkedIn can provide this valuable service for free.

  21. Well, at lease the BLM sticker is IN the Batmobile and not ON it.

  22. Batperson looks lovingly down as he sits in the Batmobile, having just arrived at the Joker's Nightclub/Hideaway/Abortion clinic. Batperson's gaze falls to a small picture frame in the dash, it's the BLM logo. "It's time to dance and convince Joker to go back on his meds!"

  23. Covering other classes on your planning. Especially if it’s not something I would have signed up for initially.

  24. Texans themselves used to make a big deal about hanging folks over some hot sauce made in New York City but nowadays they vote trump and export hot sauce manufacturing to Salem. Times change friends.

  25. You are taking a maladaptive behavior pattern and reskinning it, does that really sound like a good idea to you?

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