1. Yeah, didn't work. Tried it and the doctor did too. Many times. Nothing .

  2. Yeah because I’d that that’s where I think my fetish originated but I enjoy my fetish but if I think about where I got it from it’s creeps me out and I don’t want to feel that way when it’s apart of my sexuality and I like it

  3. Yes, but don't feel bad. I had experienced CSA and I developed some fetishism around humiliation due to it. I found, after years of therapy,I didn't like it anymore. I am still kinky but, I guess, healing made me view the fetish in a different light. I have matured sexually and sex is better than ever. That's just my story. Everyone is different

  4. What ? Yeah, I didn't know POTs could show up in a blood test. Anyway, I had bloods abd holter. Both fine. I did the tilt table test and went from low 60s to 185 and passed out while chatting to thr doctor. It's good that she's hopeful as this condition is the pits. That said, i understand why TTT is the gold standard as it really does uncover symptoms in a medical setting.

  5. Good on your wife. You got a good one there. Stand your ground. Share this with your wife. Cut them out.

  6. Yes indeed. I am married, 15 years now. What kept us strong was open communication, keeping no secrets. Particularly when it comes to in-laws as this can actually make it seem as if the partner is complicit and not supportive. X

  7. A journal or list of events with some says and times and quotes. Keep emotions out of it Stay very polite

  8. He doesn't have your sons, or your best interests at heart. For a child to wet himself though fear...that's sbuse. He's masking his abuse with pretend concern and you are buying it. He's abusing YOUR son , right under your nose He's belittling him and you, by making himself sound superior due to education. In short, he really sounds like a peace of shit and i bet there is much more to this than you see. Wake up woman. Leave with your son. He's being abused. I was abused. No child in a normal home, urinated on themselves for fear. I went on to obtain a masters from a prestigious university and yet, I am still in therapy and I have struggled with my marriage and even parenting is difficult. So, if your kid obtains a university degree, it won't help him with nightmares, hypervigilance, phobias, panic attacks...Will it ? He's putting you down too. Who gives a crap if you have no education. Are you a good person ? I am currently typing with a hand and arm in a cast. Why? A cat climbed my balcony. At night. My C-PTSD / sleepy mind, assuming it was a massive threat, jumped from bed, smashed into a window and yeah! Save your son from this prick.

  9. Meanwhile, in our neck of the woods, what was already a problematic rubbish dump, the Suez in Hallam, will become a waste transfer station, pushing thousands of industrial waste products, that we won't have to be informed about what they are, into our area and huge trucks, thousands per week, will roll into our area from 4 am and until 11 pm, everyday, even though we were promised it was closing. I think a pub would be a non issue.

  10. I hate this kind of talk. Any generalisations are shit. That said, I still don't know how to square up that, from age 3 to 13, no less that six men, ( one was a teacher ) SA me. That a man, when I was 15, tried to assault me while I walked home from school. And su dry other assaults which impacted me so that I am still in therapy. That in university, out of 21 friends, only two hadn't been assaulted and raped as kids or teens , by some man. And one was a male and the other, she grew up in a remote place, with just her sisters and grandmother.

  11. I don't have any female friends or family who haven't went through this..I was 17, dragged and bitten by an assailant while walking home. I managed to get away. When I was 23, walking home from a nite club and was chased and frightened by a big, middle aged dude and ran into a pub to get away from him. I could go on. But, I assumed that all women experience this, to some degree.

  12. Honest opinion: Perspective and background is important. I was born in Dublin, Ireland and, got to see a fair bit of the world due to modelling. That was prior to leaving the scene to go to university. It helps, having lived in a myriad of countries, with wildly opposing cultures, to give general feedback on such a topic.

  13. I was born in Dublin Ireland as well and am 19 but I disagree w u on the style. His style is very outdated and looks kinda trashy, especially amongst ppl in my age group

  14. Are you female? If so, that's your answer. I suffered for about four years. I developed sepsis after an unknown virus and despite NEVER being sick, at 34, I suddenly was.

  15. I’m sorry you experienced that! How awful 😞. Yes, I’m all too familiar with being dismissed by doctors, unfortunately. For about 13 years I was told my debilitating cramps were normal. By the time a doctor finally suggested endometriosis it was all over my pelvis and I’ve now gone through two surgeries but they haven’t been able to get all the lesions. It’s been the same with POTS symptoms and I’ve been struggling for at least 10 years but every doctor would say it’s anxiety and/or depression. I get really pissed when I think of all the years I’ve spent in pain or fatigued or just feeling like garbage (which, btw, has led to depression and anxiety, because I felt so lost and confused and alone). All those years gone and I could have been feeling better if only doctors had listened to me and actually tried to help me rather than telling me things are all in my head and not pursuing further diagnostic testing. Gender bias in medicine is real. And it effing sucks.

  16. Oh I feel for you so much. Yes, most studies of nearly every disorder are based on the male body. It's really disgusting and so anger producing, that we are treated this way. Even text books, medical text books don't demonstrate what a female heart attack looks like. It's horrific. It's been going on for centuries. It's so tiring having to advocate so aggressively while also being sick. Change is slow. I had read about this doctor who was mocking females for going down the alternative medicine route and I'm like, of course we are because the medical professionals give us absolutely no choice. It's so horrific.

  17. One on four girls will be abused, before 16. These are relatively stable, global statistics. I am a victim of, no less that 6, male pedophiles, from ages 3 to 13. One was a teacher. Married and with five children. I have, over the years, struggled with the reality of how married men, sexually active and hetero men, old and young alike, could also somehow be attracted to and abuse a snot nosed, flat chested, cartoon-obsessed kiddo. The only similarly between my abusers, they were male. Because some were single, unemployed, of different cultures as compared to professional men and so forth.

  18. Same issue , upcoming in Dec, with our seven year old. I have chronic illness, autonomic dysfunction and a myriad of issues. So, I feel you. You seem like a conscientious and loving person. Very thoughtful. No doubt it will all go well. I would offer some suggestions but, it's covered in the comments

  19. Boundaries: child S abuse is extremely common, especially for little girls. I am one of those statistics. I was not taught Boundaries and was forced to hug, smile and act like a docile girl. Body: I grew up with six brothers and didn't understand my body or the changes occurring. All girls should be educated about periods, body hair, discharge and so forth. Emotional Regulation : little girls are often conditioned to deny ( even justified) anger, rage and frustration. We often internalise these emotions. Clearly not healthy. Teaching thr girl healthy ways to express those emotions and that anger is sometimes justified, well, that's a good thing. Sexuality : perhaps a little later that early teens but, I had no clue that women could or how to, feel pleasure, until I met someone who was willing to explain this to me. I also thought that male pleasure was paramount. Many girls are in the dark about pleasure, orgasms and hoe their body works. It's often all through a male gaze.self- exploration is important Privacy : teaching this is counter cultural these days. Girls and women are encouraged to share everything snd sometimes even coerced. Women and girls deserve their sacred and hidden moments. They deserve to have experiences which aren't broadcast to the world. Support systems : I love my husband but, as many women realise, female friendships are so important. Keep cultivating those relationships which will support you through life. For example, I became unexpectedly ill and near lost my life and my husband, a good man, struggled to provide any support beyond the basic. My best friend stepped up and was my life line. NOT saying this is always the case but we have to be honest here, statistics tell us that men are overwhelmingly those who leave when their spouse gets sick. So, don't isolate yourself from female support. Life's purpose : I was raised woth six brothers. Their goals and dreams seemed forefront of my parents conversations. Not so much, for me. I followed, as many do, a path which would make my parents happy. Many women feel unhappy with their career and life abd further, burdened by unequal chores at home. When girls are young, cultivate their interests, allow a wider range of experience and hobbies. From football to ballet. Allow them agency to become who they are and not what you think they should be. Finances: that it's important to have your own bank account, income and knowledge of stocks and shares. That it's important to take out life insurance and so forth. Body change : from childbirth to menopause and hormonal changes such as PCOS. Educating girls about those changes is super important. Social media: photoshop, sexual objectification, unrealistic expectations- unpack this for them early. Digital safety- photos , compromising ones , cannot ne taken back when given over to the Internet. Being thr main characters in your own story : many of my friends, talented singers, writers , dancers and even a CEO, lost themselves in marriage and childcare. Being props to their husbands and timetable managers. It's important to live for yourself too.

  20. Blaming all young male drivers, for the sins of few? Most violent crime is perpetrated by males- how about we just prompt it by locking all men up?

  21. Well, it's fine for you to disagree but it is a gross generalization of a human being. People with sociopathy and psychopathy are not all inherently evil. It's their actions that make them bad, not their disorder. The reason I take issue with generalizations like this is because I am schizophrenic. It's like saying all schizophrenics are angry, crazy lunatics. It's not fair and it demeans people. Sociopaths are capable of acting to the benefit of someone else. They may not understand why they should, by they can still choose to.

  22. No. Its not the same. I have a good friend with schizophrenia who is a qualified nurse and one of the nicest persons I had ever met. You are inferring too much from what I said. I don't hold any feelings towards ANY mental disorders but I do think that people with traits pf psychopathy and sociopathic tendencies DO in fact tend to hurt others due to either / or lack of empathy , self interest. My father was a sociopathic mam. I grew up with hid extreme machinations and abuse and I would say, I can usually identify such tendencies as they intrude on others in a malevolent and incredibly damaging way. WHEREAS, there are many mental health disorders which do not. I have depression and anxiety and, this does not cause me to lack empathy or intrude on another person's life , to the point of harming then drastically. The fact is, people with psychopathy and sociopaths DO in fact OFTEN hurt others and by their own accounts, of their own volition. You are taking agency away from people simply because they are neurodiverse. People with mental health still have agency and control, although extenuating factors make it sometimes very difficult. Whereas, many sociopaths don't wish to exercise that control and acknowledge WILFULLY hurting others. This is very different to striking out due to mania or panic. Their behaviour is often premeditated and calculated. Hence, there is a marked distinction. With respect, I can see the clear distinctions in behaviour. Also, most murderers, rapists and pedophiles have a diagnosoed mental illness but, can we suggest that this mental illness somehow cancels out their harm to others and can we not qualify this harm to others as, s/he or they are ' a bad person '? I think we can . So, in short, no, even people with mental health issues and let's face it, this is quite a large population, can exercise agency and free will and often, when they hurt others, it's not wilful. Whereas, those with sociopathic tendencies and psychopathy, wilfully do so and with calculated and uncanny ease. There is a distinction here. So, yes, I absolutely stand by my assessment.

  23. I am simply displeased with the generalization that x mental illness = bad person. I am not saying it is NOT the fault of the person because they are socio- or psychopathic. I am saying the opposite, actually, as I said just in my last reply that they can choose to be good people.

  24. Wow, you are really reaching here. I never EVER said mental health equals a bad person. You are projecting onto me and becoming quite obtuse and rude. Hence, I really couldn't finish your diatribe as its all an echo chamber. I won't engage with you further tbh. I also don't give a flying duck about your opinions. I tried to have a meaningful conversation but clearly, you are a rude person who is beginning to get personal. THIS is an example of what I can be a shit person independent of a mental health diagnosis. I still stand by what I said, that is, sociopaths and psychopathic people are bad people. They ruin lives. I don't think this applies to some hypothetical psychopathy individual who never abuses others because WE DONT KNOW THEY ARE PSYCHOPATHS, hence, it's a mute point. It's the known behaviour of these people that makes them shit. I have a sneaking suspension that your other diagnosis might be....drumroll. Also, I will leave it there as your becoming really rude and personal and I was polite as I could be until you started to project. So, that's it. I still hold the original view and please stop putting words into my mouth and literally typing things I never even said. Why are you doing that ? Ita weird and incredibly disingenuous. So cut that shit out

  25. I'm a little confused. You are very handsome. I would say, objectively so. I used to model and then, i went into market so, I was always surrounded by those who, I guess would have been classed as objectively attractive. Anyway, you have great bone structure, strong jaw, near perfect lips and large eyes, lush hair. Can I be honest and please don't take offence, could it be depression or body dysmorphia? You look like you aren't taking care of yourself though. Look after your mental health first and I would suggest, EMDR and IFS therapy. Follow threads about male grooming. And that's it. You are gorgeous. I am NOT a person who exaggerates or lies. Also, I was called ugly in school. I would a miss ( home country) and I still believed them until I sought therapy. Not that the whole looks thing is super important. But yup, get grooming and start undoing the trauma. And enjoy your looks and life

  26. Thank you for your great advice. Maybe it is. I will try to regain my self confidence and work through this. Thank you again kindly.

  27. No worries lovely. Wishing you all the very best. Take care of yourself

  28. The best, where chickens fun free, I can recommend the farm near Jells Park. It's called Chesterfield Farm. The others, don't have the chickens roam free

  29. And by the way, she's just gorgeous. Any person would be delighted to love her and raise here. Poor lil bub.

  30. Fucking literally. Read the shit stain comments on this video:

  31. Absolutely. It's so common to blame the female. But, this is beyond a joke. Dude is minted, had lots of money and can't even pay 25k to upkeep his own kid. He's a POS. Most people would go without to buy their kids clothing or food , if needed. This insufferable man can't even pay 25k despite being a millionaire. Little girls grow up. I hope she never has nothing to do with him and excels in life, in spite of his cruel and targeted neglect ❤️

  32. This happened to me. I was 25 and had some issues with pain and this gyno told the nurse to leave. I can't recall why. I think he gave her a job. Anyway, he starts to pour gel onto his fingers and said he needed to lubricate me. Then, he started to rub my clit area and he , without any warning, put his finger on my back passage . He was clearly hard.

  33. I and my hisband eloped. It was gorgeous. Tropical island and just us. That was over 15 year ago. My family were highly abusive. The worse you can imagine done to a kid, that was done to me. My hubby's mum was just toxic. Everyone is shit to her. Our friends totally understood and we had a big party with them, when we arrived home. It cost us little, we got an amazing photographer and we had enough for a house deposit. People complicate things . Life isn't always perfect and forcing everything to be okay just before the wedding, that will be stressful as

  34. It's wild cause there was this other thread where a mom was freaking out because she found out that her 5yo's music lessons were taught one-on-one in a room with a male teacher that they don't know at school, during school hours and yet her daughter never indicated being abused and said that she loved her music lessons and didn't want to stop. Most of the comments were like "omg I would feel so uncomfortable too!" and then chewed me out for saying that 1) it's normal to do lessons like that, your child will not learn the instrument without regular individual lessons and 2) the people that are most likely to SA your child is a family member or very close to the family, it's very rarely someone that the mom doesn't know. The people most likely to assault a child is the mom's boyfriend, the step-dad, the bio dad, the uncle, the close family friend, etc. People would so much rather believe it's happening in a place away from home, by some music teacher at school that they don't know, than at home with a man that the mom trusts because he groomed his way into the family.

  35. Yup, my kiddo plays piano. Granted, I am at the other side of the door but I don't worry. I experienced SA as a child. Six separate perpetrators and all but one, family related. Therapy is expensive and life long tbh and it amazes me that these mothers don't realise the damage and refuse to do something about it.

  36. Right, I'm a little annoyed at the comments coddling her and not holding her accountable. She already knows he's mentally unstable and a threat so when her daughter said that to her, she doubted her daughter's version of reality (if she didn't, she would've taken the daughter to the doctor instead of sending her off to camp), sat on this information for DAYS, gave the abuser a heads up on what the daughter said (therefore putting her in immediate danger) and let the predator continue staying in the same home that all the children are sleeping in. She says she "could've gone to her moms" which is only an hour and a half away from her but didn't want to because it was "bed time" (WHICH IS WHEN THE MOLESTATION HAPPENED IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!). WTF, round the kids in the car in their PJ's, idc if it's 2am, bring them to grandma's so you at least know that they're not in a position to continue getting molested.

  37. Agreed. It terrifies me how most of the comments are worried about false accusations and such like, over the irreparable damage this will do to the little girl, including her mother not taking action and not believing her. My mother was exactly the same.

  38. So woman dont verbally assualt each other for having dumb opinions ?

  39. Thanks Chris. I appreciate your input and I am on therapy. I was raped from age 3 to14, by 6 different perpetrators - all were men. I have scar tissue from the assault which causes excruciating pain and I struggled to conceive. I am not an unusual case. I had 10 friends at university. One was a male. 8 of us, all girls, were victims of child s abuse and it was always a male, an uncle, father, family friend.

  40. Kinda hard to do any of the things you mentioned with no electricity, no water, no food, no transportation, no supply chain, sub par health care ect ect.

  41. When my jaw’s bad, my legs get really wobbly, my feet get tingly and I have trouble doing anything with my hands. I bought a jade roller to massage my face and neck and it has helped a bit.

  42. Thanks for that. I might try this to see if it helps. Thanks heaps

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