1. I remember that when it hit the news. It's still talked about in this town to this day. And the rumors are wild.

  2. fair enough. in germany thats the word they use in cartoons and shows so thats the one that stuck with me

  3. No worries. It's just a word and only have power if you give it. So I just need to get over it.

  4. Wild looking jumper. Blend in with rocks real good or on a tree.

  5. Pick a direction and get some supplies to survive. And get out of that shit state. I grew up in Illinois and glad I left that place.

  6. That would be a record for me -with a partner that is 😅🥵😈

  7. Well I wish I could help you break that record. 👅👅👅

  8. I lost my card and didn't have it for several months so accumulated a ton. What Nevada gives me is what I get. When you register at homeless shelter in Las Vegas they process you through their office which has caseworkers on site. They apply you for EBT and Medicaid. Many times you'll get it there on site as in they can print cards. They literally fill out all your info as default method to maximize.

  9. Have something to protect yourself. Don't just trust anyone. Learn your area. Get camping supplies. If you got a EBT Card. I don't know if Texas dose that. But you can go to Walmart and get emergency food in buckets. In the grocery side not the camping section. A good tarp and Para Cord. Good sleeping bag and emergency blanket or sleeping bag. Good camping pad to sleep on and keep yourself off the ground. If not use a pallet if possible. And always watch your six. Keep all info to yourself. Nobody needs to know where ya going. Or even how ya get there. I don't care if they are religious.

  10. Not as Native as Ute Tribe. But the whole native thing is just another way to divide us all.

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