1. Arguably, Portugal's salaries are on par with Bangkok Thailand, with the cost of living four to six times more.

  2. Where is this so I don't just assume it was Florida without any concrete evidence besides his waist size?

  3. Ironically, this is what it looks like to maintain a society.

  4. Well to be fair, you'd be shot in America. And you'd likely have military intervention. If a movement in masse took place, maybe they'd be spread thin, but the comparison, IMHO, and I'm all for solidarity, isn't 1:1.

  5. The AC on the wall makes it very unlikely (not impossible tho) that this place is in Berlin

  6. A Berliner in Thailand ᕙ⁠(⁠ ⁠ ⁠•⁠ ⁠‿⁠ ⁠•⁠ ⁠ ⁠)⁠ᕗ

  7. Just left the city a few days ago. There are more mentally ill people in public of any city I've ever been in per sq meter.

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