20f bald girl with alopecia, i don’t grow hair anywhere

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  1. I think you’re missing the point. Superman is a state of mind more than an individual person. Superman doesn’t mean “white guy” it means anyone willing to help his neighbor or protect her friends

  2. Hmm, no. Superman is superman and he looks like what Henry Cavill/Christopher Reeve looks like. I don't want a tokenized version of Superman, we have our heroes, you keep yours.

  3. Nah, nothing about Superman needs him to look like a white guy. His powers, heroism and occupation have nothing to do with his race

  4. Luke Cage has never been in the Thing’s strength class , in the past or present, now durability wise with Cage’s enhancements…maybe.

  5. He hit the thing sending him flying, that happens a lot in comics, he did punch out the Rhino somehow in the past, which is ridiculous .

  6. It’s not that ridiculous, Rhino is a D-list villain at best. He never gives Spider-Man even a slightest difficulty, it’s not surprising Luke wouldn’t have too much trouble

  7. And one of them doesn't deserve It... you know how it is, sometimes you don't deserve the things you have

  8. Miles is by far the more interesting character. Peter made a deal with satan

  9. That’s because Spider-Man beat the shit out of him without even trying in the comics. Jamison hired cage to kill Spider-Man. Luke was trying to kill him and Spider-Man was taking his punches and then throwing him around while casually talking him down.

  10. Not really, they we’re basically evenly matched until Spider-Man basically had a serious talk with Cage

  11. Worthiness, Mjolnir is fairly heavy for a hammer, but not that heavy.

  12. Fun fact: Daniel Dae Kim actually did play Superman in a recreation of the old radio show during Covid!

  13. Gliding my eye. They’re basically flying but I don’t really mind it.

  14. As I mentioned previously there is more than one perspective because history is written by more than one culture.

  15. You rather notably didn’t say anything about the book I referenced toward the end of my comment

  16. You look incredibly lovely and wear the bald look beautifully. Welcome to the group!!

  17. Fun fact: Piccolo and Kermit the frog have the same birthday. Do with this information what you will

  18. Miles' hair in Spider-Verse is definitely long enough to notice. Curly is not all we are talking about. It's also the length. Takes a lot less than reaching the bottom of your back. And I seriously doubt Miles is going to take the time to tighten his hair before putting his suit on. I have also never seen him in a durag. Unless curly hair is laid along the skull before putting the mask on, It will appear lumpy. Especially with the length and curls he has in the provided picture. You are assuming he has time to do his hair before he puts on his suit. Sure. You're right. But he doesn't.

  19. You can 100% notice the difference. Guess you settled the debate. You can clearly see the dudes hair. Either that or he has a mushroom shaped skull

  20. Dude you look absolutely incredible, the bald look is a cherry on top

  21. Maybe. But I’m pretty disappointed by his recent comments about diversity and inclusion in Hollywood

  22. I got banned from r / socialism for pointing out that maybe North Korea isn’t the ideal society

  23. In the cage where he was thrown after being beat-up, stripped naked, tied-up and then tortured, for days, with all the gorey details of Barbara's torture and all the delight Joker and his thugs took in it, Jim Gordan looked Batman right in the eye and said, "by the book."

  24. If it was by the book Batman should also be behind bars technically but I know what you mean.

  25. I think that's The Killing Joke's punchline, honestly. What is really said to the reader at the end? What was the point? Batman's friends are maimed and tortured. His ward is killed. The man responsible is basically begging to be put down. And what does Batman do? He puts him back in his cell. That's our hero. Joke's on us.

  26. Communist states aren’t inherently ecocidal. Ecocidal states are ecocidal. Part of opposition to tankie thought process is holding accountable even leftist governments that fail to meet basic moral standards and not blindly kowtowing just because they employ socialist ideas

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