1. The discord link expired but i'm interested

  2. "Settled down"? My head canon tells me he's was voluntold.

  3. One of my favorite colonists is Tranra Saxadaas, a volatile beautiful nudist Neanderthal. She runs around in her heavy fur sash, plasteel helmet, and nothing else. She basically instantly got married to my player boy impid when I recruited her

  4. I prioritize cleanliness in my colony. Also kids don't have much else to do and suck at hauling.

  5. The fact that you resisted the urge to put beds everywhere is based

  6. Yea but the way they're all oriented one way instead of feet facing eachother is not based.

  7. You, my friend, are due a reward at the based department

  8. idk what boss exactly but WHOOOOO BOY if one of the bosses in GOW ragnarok did that you bet i would have shat my jorts

  9. Oh any boss, it's a general question towards every single gamer :p

  10. That's actually a pretty good solution to even out the RNG of what power you get. I'll check it out!

  11. There is a mod that allows you to choose what psycasts do you want: Choice of Psycast

  12. Who? You mean Jeffrey Dahmer? Or is this someone I haven’t heard of?

  13. I think they did meant Jeffrey Dahmer, William Dahmer is some corporate guy with an online resume...

  14. venerated animals in your paste?

  15. Nope, I use a mod that condenses everything into just "raw meat", and even then, every other pawn also eat it with no problem

  16. I have just given her a new mental break using the same mod, she was calmed down by another pawn and went to her bed, but then she slept on top of it, when I drafted her she went to sleep on the ground, then when her sleep bar got full she just ran to the same exact spot and is currently dropping asleep on the floor and wandering around with her weapon out doing nothing unless I order her to. I have never seen this happen before...

  17. Oh damn, I was looking for things like "I can relate to [guy] because he"

  18. Green beans, it's just that my dad's cooking was so horrible that it made me hate it

  19. Cut contact with them, if they're gonna alienate themselves from civilization then so be it

  20. Blizzard be keeping the other face of Azeroth a secret so they have backup content

  21. SO TRUE SO MANY MAIN CHARACTERS ARE TOXIC IN CARTOONS (especially when It comes to romance)

  22. Maybe it reflects on the writers or artist's experiences with love

  23. It's more important now than ever because we're at the turn of the century AND of an era, if we don't accept the new era, we'll stay in the past and lose a momentum we won't have again

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