1. I've been to Suzhou a few times over the last 10 years, no dude, it's mostly smog and some cloud.

  2. I’ve gone to Suzhou for a week four years ago and the weather and air was relatively pleasant ngl. Compare this to somewhere like Chengdu, Beijing, Chongqing, or even Santiago de Chile in South America, where you’ll literally half choke from the air during winter and you’ll realize how much better Suzhou is. (I had some sort respiratory allergy related to pollutants, so pollution usually affects me twice as bad as it would for normal people)

  3. Yes, I agree the weather in Suzhou and the air pollution, is comparably better than other cities.

  4. It's one those pics used as fronts for braindead clickbait YouTube videos of "Top 10 special forces in the world"

  5. Why do Chinese ships not use Chinese characters on the flight deck?

  6. Not really, the comparison is the decks, not the size

  7. The unused foregrips are a reflection of a deeper issue.

  8. Sounds exactly the same to the US army (whom as a matter of fact have been issued similar products like multipurpose grips on a much bigger scale and duration)

  9. Do none of them have radios or any sort of comms equipment?

  10. Bro, they’re like 1/3 surfaced from the water, how can you work out what comm equipment they have when you can’t even see their body

  11. Kind of bummed at how many historic neighborhoods got knocked down during China’s explosive growth period but it seems like the government there is starting to realize how valuable and culturally important those neighborhoods are thank G.

  12. Yunnan during rainy season isn't exactly known to be sunny ngl

  13. Everything except for the tactical grip and FAST helmet is standard issue in the PLA (standard infantry use modernized MICH type helmets instead)


  15. Well, if Mumbai manages to reduce it's ridiculous height / building restrictions overnight, turn into a literal hotspot for foreign investment / exchange, and increase it's per capita education / income to a first world level, it might manage to create a similar skyline in three decades time at best.

  16. Is the human sized dummy also part of the QJC-88 HMG?

  17. For Beijing, relocating the factories and power plants away from actual residential areas.

  18. I think the main reason for that is to make space for housing / commercial developments, not just to improve air quality

  19. Maybe nothing as big as the Chrysler Building, but buildings like the

  20. The most visible art-deco style building in Shanghai is probably the 200 meter

  21. Suzhou is pretty much the perfect mixture old and new, cool place

  22. Yea white is such a pure shade I love it

  23. PLAN and USN ships are usually seen either trying to force each other out of their territories, or shadowing one another in the open sea, rarely do you ever see them having actual friendly engagements

  24. Every angle of the J-20 is a good angle, except maybe the rear, but the rear view is crap with all aircraft.

  25. “Almost all” of the 70,000 suspects? Really? Covered head to toe in gang tattoos? I get the sense you like to exaggerate but come on dude, Jesus. Enough with the Pearl clutching.

  26. I wonder when they're gonna hit the 100k mark

  27. Hey I actually am Chinese and have access to all sources of pla pics and vds from chinese social media,just afraid that i could get arrested of posting here

  28. How the fuck do you get arrested for posting PLA content?

  29. Also drop holsters cause chafing if you have to run/hike a lot. Strong side holsters either drop, mid or hip also cause imbalances (hip and knee issues) over time.

  30. Had to wake up at 7 AM to head into Zhujiang New Town for an internship for like 2 months. Definitely a change of pace of life for a 19 year old American dude.

  31. 7 AM in Chinese first tier cities is a literal luxury ngl

  32. Honestly what a sad life to live under a government that wont even let you grow medicinal herbs in your own home for personal consumption, im glad my constitution protects me 🇺🇸

  33. Yes, I’m sure people smoke five joints a day for “medical” use

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