TIL about the Asoh defense, a term for just taking the blame when you're at fault. It’s named after a Japanese pilot named Kohei Asoh, who crash landed a full passenger jet in the San Francisco Bay. When asked what happened, he said: “As you Americans say, I f-cked up.”

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  1. En España no hay rankings de universidades del estilo de los de Estados Unidos (que al final se basan en buena parte en los presupuestos de cada universidad). La forma más fiable de ver la demanda de un grado en cada universidad es ver las notas de corte de cada año. Por ejemplo, las notas más altas de este año estaban en la Universidad de Sevilla (13.398) y la Rey Juan Carlos (13.267) para el doble grado de ciencias del deporte y fisioterapia. Para (solo) el grado de fisioterapia las notas de corte más altas son las de la universidad de Murcia (12.599) y la de Sevilla (12.529). La nota más baja en universidades públicas ronda el 9.6, o sea que es un grado con mucha demanda.

  2. Don’t they show up for a minute for no reason? What was the point of them?

  3. You probably qualify for nationality after one year if you were born outside Spain and your grandfather was originally Spaniard. You fall under " nacido fuera de España de padre o madre, abuelo o abuela, siempre que todos ellos originariamente hubieran sido españoles." (EDIT: forgot the link:

  4. That's more than the total number of HIMARs built so far (540, according to wikipedia).

  5. I am not sure the batteries are going to be allowed on a plane. You will probably have to send them by sea.

  6. It's the country I would prefer to move to for some personal reasons I would rather not shout out into the void of the internet. But I'm flexible to a certain degree, Denmark is just my first try, and if I fail, I'll probably go with HU -> West/North EU. I've been eyeing Sweden, Norway and the Netherlands as well. Denmark is comfortable distance wise. So I can still get home by motorcycle to visit family/friends, and has Wolt as a delivery platform, which I'm familiar with, also maybe it's a possibility to transfer between the regional branches.

  7. A word of warning: Denmark is very expensive. If you do not have enough savings, be careful with moving there if you do not have a job waiting for you; if you can transfer within the company, please consider the difference in cost of living.

  8. You will have to look at the visas that you could get for each country.

  9. Attacking them is an escalation in the sense that it hadn't been done before.

  10. Those bases were already in the war. That was my point.

  11. Los mismos que otros meses, la verdad: gastar lo que necesito, y para cosas no perecederas comprar con tiempo cuando veo ofertas/precios más asequibles.

  12. For the record: 20-30k PHP=342-511 EUR at current exchange rate.

  13. That one is too recent, and the 80s/90s part is the closest thing in OP's description to hard data.

  14. Thank you so much! Follow up because this topic fascinates me but I’m a humble humanities major: if we were in interstellar space, would the time differences then be based more on distance/orbital velocity in relation to the center of the galaxy?

  15. The center of the galaxy is a massive black hole. Time runs quite differently once you get "close" to a black hole of that magnitude.

  16. I’ve never read about or knew of any initiative supporting it. The closest thing to this would be in Toledo: the Sephardic Museum at the Sinagogue of El Tránsito

  17. Yep, I thought OP was talking about the Museo de Historia de la Comunidad Judía de Madrid, in Chamberi, but it is not exactly new.

  18. Do you know where I could see the shitty little cap?

  19. Not OP, but probably refers to the Pilos helmet, shaped like the pilos hat.

  20. Maybe get a job for a Egyptian tourist entity that needs to send somebody overseas.

  21. That is probably the most feasible path. I cannot find anything tourism-related on the skill shortage list for the UK.

  22. This is really disappointing. The show was very interesting and incredibly original.

  23. I agree, this is disappointing. I cannot say that it was great, but it was good enough for me to want to watch where it was going (and that is rare enough, although 2022 has been quite a good year for sci fi shows ).

  24. The Golden Visa for Portugal has different amounts depending on the area. Supposedly the areas with lower limits are not as desirable or the Portuguese government wants to promote them for whatever reason..

  25. Mira las asignaturas que puedes convalidar, y calcula cuánto te llevaría aprobar las demás. Eso es lo mínimo.

  26. Silly people, you can't just wave your arms around to lift up a plane

  27. Not positive proof, but calculations in another thread, based on distances calculated from footage, show the speed matches the Storm Shadow. These were apparently delivered about a month ago:

  28. The Storm Shadow has a range of 250km (export version) to 550km, at least officially, not close enough to hit from Ukraine. But there are ways to get them close enough to Engels base. It is certainly within the technical capabilities of Ukraine, as they have proven more than once already.

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