1. Piggyback thread to ask…How difficult is this class? Would it be ok to take concurrently with Calc3, or would that be a bad idea?

  2. I took Discrete and Calc3 together. Calc3 is super easy, so you won't have to work that hard in the class. I had a pretty bad experience with a new prof in Discrete. It's a different way of thinking from normal math, so it took some time to get used to, and my prof wasn't very understanding or good at answering questions. Most of my time definitely went into Discrete, and Calc3 was just another class.

  3. Thanks for the insight. Decided to take discrete in fall or maybe summer if it’s offered. Good to hear about calc 3!!

  4. First, you both need to submit the housing application and pay the $300 non refundable housing fee by February 1st for first round selection. This next part is very important or it get complicated and hard to undo: you both must select the question about gender inclusion the SAME way or you won’t be allowed to room together.

  5. They will keep packages 3 days after they send you email with the locker code.

  6. It was horrible, I was a junior heading into senior year at the time and was denied housing. Fortunately I was able to get an apartment with someone in my honor society, but we had to commute really really far because housing in Fairfax was too expensive for our crappy part-time jobs at the time. And we found that place really last minute. I can't even imagine how many people simply had to drop out because they couldn't afford to live off campus and were denied on-campus housing. It made me so angry, especially when they forced freshman who lived any more than 10-15 miles away to live on campus. So someone who's a freshman whose parents live half an hour away HAS to live on campus when they would rather commute, but juniors and seniors who live HOURS or even STATES away just have to figure it out? After they've put thousands and thousands of dollars and years of their time into this school? All because you decided you don't want to be a commuter school. It was so infuriating. I didn't know they built/made plans to build more housing spaces since, but I agree with you, it won't be enough.

  7. Curious, did you do on campus housing your freshman and sophomore year?

  8. Agreed. Such a terrible look for a school recently posting about their public university rank rising (especially in areas of IT and CS 🤪). Hiccups understandably happen, but instead of shutting it down until the problems were rectified it just became a Powerball lotto. Same gripe with the school’s beloved Apogee. While patience and grace is admirable, it’s hard not to be a bit jaded with all the $$$$ students pay for subpar services…especially when we are paying $$ to learn FROM them. Maybe it’s genius tho—if you got a coveted MP spot today you walk away feeling LUCKY you get to pay a lot of money to park for class.

  9. Prof Chism English 101. Nice guy and assignments are reasonable and worthwhile in teaching different writing styles for different circumstances. Gives good feedback..and he loves his cat.

  10. Is there a course near GMU? I don’t play but know a couple people who might be down. Received any interest yet?

  11. Also saw an article dated Jan 2022 that Starbucks was adding a smoothie menu. Anyone been recently see smoothies offered?

  12. Not really gone I think. They’re supposed to open up a flip kitchen in the Johnson Center soon, and it’s basically the same thing as freshens but with more items / different selection, including smoothies

  13. Saw an ad or page picturing “flip” but assumed it was a thing of the past and they closed. Maybe it was advertising future options!

  14. It’s been like this since GMU started using Apogee. Sounds like it’s gonna be another long, frustrating year with service issues. Haven’t checked Twitter but has anyone like tagged them on blast yet? Maybe they’d take notice with negative publicity for all to see. I feel like they just sit back and laugh at internal complaints.

  15. I was in northern neck last year and I'm going to be there this year again.

  16. Thanks for the tip. Must be a decent place since you chose it again. Was in PH last year but thought closer proximity to classes would be more ideal from NN.

  17. Laundry is on the first floor and there are elevators. Fortunately trash dumps are on every floor

  18. Thanks! PH last year so laundry was on same floor. But with elevator shouldn’t be a big deal. I didn’t them listed on the floor plan so I must’ve overlooked. Appreciate it.

  19. I mean not to sound dramatic, but if I got to school and Scruffy was my roomie, I would pass away. Dead. On the spot. If able to be revived, I’d drop all my classes immediately.

  20. Upload positive report to student health portal. Posting info from their email below but contact them since you’ve missed 8/10 deadline.

  21. Does anyone know if brachycephalic breeds have problems with air pressure changes? Saw a report of Frenchie that had to have oxygen on a flight. Not being mean—Genuinely curious. I have a pug but he’s never flown.

  22. You can get one on campus if you live close by and get it very soon. You can also go to a test site or hospital that does testing(like patient first) and get the results to hand over to housing

  23. So as long as we bring copy of official PCR negative results at check in we’re good? Asking in case it takes awhile for them to approve upload for some reason.

  24. Yep. But be sure you also upload it in SHS student portal before hand as well. I wouldn't want you to get a charge or anything because you failed to submit a test

  25. also is comm 101 necessary for graduation? its part of mason core but i cant see any sample schedules that actly include it for bioe or cs

  26. In case someone is on the same situation i am, i contacted

  27. I’m sorry to hear your graduation plans had to be altered. Hang in there tho. You’re near the finish line!

  28. Thanks! The key is to hold your head firmly against the seat, but I guess it was hard for her with the flips.

  29. I watched a you tube and I’m not sure that spinning is for me. Although it looks less scary than the intimidator. I may need to just head on over to the Snoopy side. 😆

  30. The park isn't that big so not much spread out. Grizzly can be painful, yes.

  31. I think I’ll be skipping that one. *packs extra ibuprofen

  32. Didn't know you could opt out till your email. Haven't done them all semester it was always just bugging me like when are these things gonna stop

  33. Set up a rule in outlook on repetitive emails and they’ll automatically go to a different folder that you won’t see unless you open it

  34. Most people take Geology. I ready like physics but be careful which prof you get because some are very trigger happy with the F’s

  35. Thanks. Yeah, took the Geo sequence but it says we also need an additional 4 credits? Do we just pick the first level of Chem, Bio or Physics?

  36. Def go to the vet. Prob needs anal glands expressed is my guess.

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