1. Some heavy hitters here, how much wrist time does the speedy get as a result?

  2. Because whenever I swap the bracelet on my Daytona it looks like shit. The finishing between the lugs and on the case is literally like it's been polished with concrete too. There is literally no way to dress down a Daytona, my Speedy has limitless options. Something I've never had before.

  3. Speedy is definitely a strap monster. Besides the straps how do you like it otherwise?

  4. It depends on your disposable income and how badly you want the YM 40.

  5. Thank you for the super comprehensive comment. It’s not a bad idea to buy and continue to ask for the YM. Would then give you the option of deciding which I like more.

  6. You literally failed to obtain the watch you wanted and you’re trying to get affirmation at purchasing this one as a victory? It would be a failure. Keep waiting, go to a different AD or simply go grey and click Fedex overnight shipping AM delivery and end this mess.

  7. My dude you’re literally shit talking a white gold sub on another thread. Anyone that thinks that way disqualifies themselves as having a relevant opinion 🤣

  8. Rootbeer is the way unless you can convince him to part with the Patek lol

  9. The “Tiffany” blue style color way has taken off the last couple of years. Thought I would share my wife and I’s collection of some of the more popular models with this color tone.

  10. How do you like the breitling? I’ve always been intrigued by this model

  11. Yeah, pardoning Nixon was a huge mistake and part of what got us here in the first place.

  12. Exactly, and as shitty as Nixon was he was probably an alter boy compared to Trump

  13. I have always loved that platinum dial yachtmaster its truly stunning. Question though, when you are wearing it regularly are you ever dissatisfied with the clasp?

  14. Real talk would you smash? For me definitely not but I’m sure some have no standards

  15. She has to be a protological nurse assistant with a finger that long....

  16. At least she will be able to treat herself when she pops an implant 🤣

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