1. My school has gsa (gay student alliance)

  2. GSA used to stand for Gay-Straight Alliance, but the official organization has amended it to Genders and Sexualities Alliance to be more inclusive.

  3. My school must be different then

  4. Some people may not know. I think it was a fairly recent change so if your school's GSA has been around for a while (the organization has been around since 1998) they may have never heard about it.

  5. The pessimist in me is yelling that an increase in CSA convictions from this is going to lead to the right claiming that CSA rates are going up which means "society is degenerating under the Democrats". We need to start getting prepared for countering that claim.

  6. Honestly, I'm kinda mad that Lucy didn't keep this level of crazy throughout the show. She became relatively tame after the first couple episodes.

  7. I like wearing a button-up/waistcoat combo. Do both count as my top for the purposes of this card? I need to know so I can coordinate my fashion choices with my propensity for drafting 4/5-color decks.

  8. But she's not Brie Larson. She's a character called Paradigm. And it's not like she's bald either, she just has braids, so that's a bad comparison.

  9. If they make a Les Grossman skin I might actually finally install the game.

  10. Even worse, some people will only ever know you as the imagined version of you they conjured up in their head. Tell them anything that puts you outside of that box and you'll be facing denial and gaslighting.

  11. Wooooo! That is a collection of words that slapped me out of a depressive slump that lasted 3 weeks, made me make a fresh pot of coffee, shower for the first time this week and go do something nice for someone else.

  12. Off topic from the post, but your comment is helping me get over my anxiety and go out to see some friends tonight. Thank you for being strong and inspiring me to do so as well.

  13. In case you wanted an update, it's going great! Thanks again and enjoy your book!

  14. If it helps convince anyone, the first episode is literally an essay about why anarcho-capitalism would be a bad thing for the future. I'm only through episode 5 but so far they do a good job of leaning into the setting's criticism of the class divide, or at least a better job than the game did.

  15. I figured as much but was told that this is just the localization team making her trans, but now I see that this is directly from the game creator's mouth

  16. We still have chuds claiming that these words were mistranslated. I bet that even if Daisuke went on live television and said "Bridget is trans, Bridget is a girl" in perfect English that they'd have some excuse to keep living in their sad, boring cisheteronormative fantasy world.

  17. I don't understand how any breast size can be justice lol. I'm gonna Google the origins of the phrase and surely with regret it

  18. From what I understand, "Flat is justice" came from a mid-2000s visual novel where a flat-chested character used it to describe her own pride in having small breasts, but it evolved within the male-dominated anime community as a way to take pride in one's attraction to small-breasted people as opposed to large-breasted people. There are plenty of people who use this phrase and are not lolicons or attracted to children, but it's too easy for those groups to usurp this phrase as children and lolis are pretty much all flat-chested.

  19. I already do this, its super simple to just implement now. Make it an Arcana Check and set the Dc to 10+ Spell level to use it. If the spell is already on your list and of a level you can cast no need for a check.

  20. We do this, but with a slight twist:

  21. Back in 3.5, when Use Magic Device was a whole separate skill, it was actually extremely common for Rogues to add random wands and scrolls to their arsenals. They always had so many more skill points than other classes and it was the most universally useful skill to dump your extra points into. So this actually sounds really on brand for Rogues.

  22. This actually used to be a whole separate skill in 3.5 called Use Magic Device. You could even use that skill to use magic items with other restrictions, like a staff that requires you to be a Wizard or a sword that requires you to be a Fighter.

  23. Reminds me of San Antonio free days. You could always tell which people walking around Rivercenter were in drum corps by the sock/glove tans.

  24. And they picked one of the most grandma-energy pictures I've seen of her. I don't think I will ever truly understand their obsession with the royal family.

  25. why tf is anyone with a trans flag in their name getting angry at the takedown of kiwifarms?

  26. I've seen a lot of trans people who get upset when any trans person with the means to get HRT/surgeries complains about anything. My honest belief is that it's jealousy, rooted in some sort of belief that people with privilege aren't allowed to be upset because they "have it better than I do".

  27. You should be able to use just about any oil. 200F is nowhere near the smoke point of any cooking oil I can find. Not sure how much the choice in oil would affect the flavor though, so it's probably worth experimenting a bit if you're gonna make this often.

  28. Lol, I remember a couple days ago when she doxxed the location for the servers and people in here were like "WUH?, BUTT MUH HYPOCRISY!?!" or some dumb shit like that. Why don't you get doxxed and almost murdered, then see if you wouldn't be willing to do the same thing against an enemy that's hunting you and wants you dead. They started it. It's not hypocrisy, it's revenge. So pop off Keffals.

  29. There's also the fact that Keffals was advocating for letting a subset of people get treatment that could prevent suicide while Joshua Moon was actively protecting people who caused real harm against multiple people. Keffals had multiple addresses where she was living/sleeping doxxed, while Kiwifarms just had a server location (not a place of residence) posted. Not nearly the same situation.

  30. I'm 31. How much older do I need to be to understand?

  31. Waiting for her to act offended when another man doesn't do these things for her, even if he's in a relationship.

  32. Kill la Kill is one that I can go back and watch over and over without it getting old or stale. I swear, I've watched it four times and I'm thinking of going back for a fifth run sometime soon. The action is amazing, the pacing is somehow lightning-fast without being confusing, and the emotional gut punches of the final arc make me cry every time.

  33. It has a lot to do with being into anime/cartoons being really looked down on by my peers when I was growing up, especially through high school. After graduating and drifting away from my small friend group that enjoyed anime, I found myself talking about it less and less because I had a certain impression of what people would think of me. Pair that with social anxiety and it led to shame over my interests.

  34. so what did they take out of context for free clicks this time

  35. It seems a number of newspapers as far back as 2016 have been claiming that "reports" said the WHO was going to consider changing their definition of infertility. The WHO directly addressed it with a tweet denying all claims, but it pops back up from time to time as lazy journos stumble upon it again.

  36. I've told this story before on this sub, but Phantom oftentimes went on right after us on the 2010 tour. There were many times where we were lined up in twos to go back to the buses when Phantom would be wrapping up their show with their quiet ending. To this day the backfield trumpet lick and pit runs through the flugel solo make me incredibly nostalgic.

  37. I think it was Murfreesboro when their ending put them right in our path back to the buses with no way around them because that corner of the field was the entrance tunnel for everyone else. Then they huddled up for their post-show talk while still in the way and we had to wait for pretty much all of the next show.

  38. I will die on the hill that their '21 run was more hyped than their '03 one because everyone knew about the show vs in '03 when it was new. They knew what the music was, what the theme was, where the hype drill was, and how hype the climax was

  39. I agree 100%. Looking at the two shows completely objectively in a vacuum, I prefer '03 in all respects. But I have so many emotions rolled up around the '21 run that it barely wins out as far as giving me good feelings. Not only was it significant due to the previous season's cancellation, but this was also a way to introduce the new generation of members to the show that started it all for me.

  40. Reminds me of that show Too Hot To Handle. I never watched it but seemingly these people had to abstain for $100K and it was really difficult???

  41. For shows like that, they typically select for very promiscuous people. From what I've heard, they'll be asked questions like "How many sexual partners have you had in the past year/month?"

  42. I think it depends. It's a staple in Modern Tsunderes, but then you also have Classic Tsunderes like Rin Tohsaka from Fate or Nino from the Quintessential Quintuplets who don't lack confidence, and whose tsunderism revolves around pride and denial.

  43. That's still a self worth issue, just in the opposite direction.

  44. Possible diversity requirements and to know what demographics they employ

  45. I see where you're coming from, but demographics should be pulled from an anonymous survey of current employees, not potential hires that are just filling out an application.

  46. You say that like companies care about the employees and not just getting more money lol

  47. This is mostly true, and why I said should. Sadly, so many companies don't care if their turnover rate is high as long as their profits grow each quarter.

  48. So what this tells me is that as men get older they become more attracted to larger and larger women until their 40s when they are into only the largest of women.

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