1. Raise Bagel into the air as if he is a baby Sombra

  2. I have seen amazing things but this…This is the most beautiful thing ever

  3. HAHAHAH he’s so cute 🥲 but I’ve struggled a lot with that Pokémon HAHAH💖

  4. Had a nice design but had to much of a spilling personality

  5. Idk, it's accurate to say he falls to pieces a lot

  6. I mean he could Have been a replacement but idk for who! I just wish he was in the show

  7. Yea. I was just confused cuz I thought it was glitched.

  8. Your doing that I’m doing entire Shiny Dex with NO legendary’s and it hurts so far…

  9. Why? I grew up with neither and watched Dana with my 4 year old and we loved it. Tried to watch Dan after it and got a couple episodes in before we moved on to some other show. Dino Dana is way better.

  10. No no is meme wised I don’t mean it by that trust me on that there both good in my opinion that’s all! Sorry if it sounded like I hated it

  11. Send him a pic of a gun saying “I will fuck you Up to”

  12. This is the most baby faced cursed mother fucker I have Ever seen in my LIFE

  13. There was a Deathbattle between them in like a Fandom and like grimlock won and I mean I understand because like no joke he is bigger and stronger then Predaking like no joke Grimlock BITE THE HELL out of Unicron!! So Grimlock wins

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