1. Neoliberalism is an economic ideology, it has nothing to do anything social or cultural. It is a right wing economic ideology that is employed by most parties in the world, especially in the western world, today, be it in Germany, UK or the US. For example, both parties in the US are neoliberal and filled with neoliberals. Only because one of the parties is screeching "liberals", that does not mean anything...economically they are both almost the same.

  2. That is true, and he is right about most of the society related things, but that doesn’t make him a good leader. If he and Fidesz wouldn’t be so corrupt and selfish he would rule until his last day, but that’s not the case. Fidesz must fall at the next election, in 2022.

  3. The problem with removing him is that you will risk letting enemies back in.

  4. No, he's not an enemy. Why would he be? That doesn't mean I condone his corruption, but everyone's corrupt. Corruption isn't the reason leftists want him gone. They want him gone because he threatens their power and agenda.

  5. Part of answer lies in the article. You have political parties and various organizations and high-connected people whose ideology IS open borders. But they play the 'misunderstanding game' that Hirsi Ali describes.

  6. Eventually these people are going to be removed from power, and the sooner the better. The damage they've inflicted on Europe is unconscionable.

  7. Will they tho? By whom? They command minority in Parliament and are vurtually non-existant in Council and yet they punch way above their weight. From political perspective, it is insanely impressive. But they can do that only because center is worshipper of status quo and will fall on their talks of "management" and whatnot. Another example: Commissionet Johansson prepared new migration pact and presented it with Commissioner Schinas. Let me remind you, Schinas is Greek and nominee of New Democracy. He is also third rate beurocrat and thus he surrendered entire portfolio of migration that he should have to Johansson and her Directors. That pact does not even try to mention any border protection mechanism. According to it, all illegal border crossings should end up with landing on EU soil. It offers an olive branch in saying some migrants will be pre-picked based on their nationaliry or security risk to be moved to closed detention center where they will await deportation. However it doesnt bother to address how to improve deportation given that currently only 1/3 of those who receive deportation orders are actually deported and virtually all of them are either from Balkans, Ukraine or Georgia, ie countries which aim to join EU and thus go out of their way to please it. If these migrants would fail to be deported in 6 months, they would be relocated. Schinas co-presented it, and today its being opposed by ND itself (see eg MP Voloudakis speech).

  8. You misunderstand how power works. Parliaments are just for show. The media has the real power, which is why they're hysterically crying about people like Orbán because he knows how their power works and how to dismantle them. In China they have state-run media, but we have media-run states. They're not punching way above their weight because they have the media - and other institutions - on their side. Their power is waning though. More and more people are tuning out of their narratives and are looking for alternatives, which is why we're being bombarded with warnings about "fake news". Eventually other countries in Europe will elect their own versions of Orbán and remove their rotten power structures. It's only a matter of time, and another migrants crisis might just be enough to tip the balance in our favor.

  9. The Chinese internet will one day have less censorship than the West's internet. Mark my words.

  10. Slave morality? What's that even supposed to mean? You could at least put more effort into this.

  11. And I don't see what that has to do with the topic and hand. Maybe you'll care to explain.

  12. That doesn't surprise me seeing how leftists have zero self-awareness.

  13. You’re one to talk about bravery. Like any racist, you lack even the balls to stand behind your views.

  14. A millenarian fascist. How to make Facsism even worse

  15. The Christian anthropocentric worldview bears a lot of responsibility for the problems we currently face.

  16. Christianity is theocentric, not anthropocentric. Liberalism and communism are anthropocentric.

  17. It’s anthropocentric in the sense that it preaches that humanity is the most important species, that humanity is the pinnacle of gods creation and should hold dominion over creation.

  18. Usually american foreign policy is based on money. Is Saudi Arabia not a threat to liberal international order? Or Russia? Or any other non-corporate controlled capitalist democracy? Venezuela? Cuba?

  19. I believe it is because Chinese corporations and billionaires are perceived as a threat to US billionaires.

  20. stop being a coward and just say you want brown people in ghettos mate

  21. His name and flair combo just scream dogwhistle to me.

  22. The left doesn't oppose neoliberalism at all. It fully embraces its social and cultural values.

  23. A significant block of the Green base is basically "Tory that likes trees". There is a reason they perform well in council elections in Tory-ish areas. It is why efforts to paint them as dedicated watermelons are in vain.

  24. Well obviously, it's not like they cared after 120,000 dead from austerity

  25. There's no such thing as a "green" new deal. Massively increasing production and consumer spending is only going to destroy the environment even more. We need degrowth, not more growth.

  26. I'm sure from your username and your closing sentence that this is a well-informed opinion based on a thorough personal engagement with modern poetry and not a display of naked racism, right?

  27. the government: "anyone who says that black people are disadvantaged in any way in american society will be imprisoned for 100 years. if they talk back to the police officer arresting them they will be shotgunned on the spot"

  28. Every few years we are told that there is another ideology emanating from academia that is infiltrating our institutions, indoctrinating our youth, and poses and existential threat to our society.

  29. He's in favor of free markets, low taxation, bourgeois parliaments, and thinks countries are just economic zones. That's peak liberalism.

  30. And let's be honest. The Tories ran on a fairly social democratic rhetoric since Johnson took over. And many of these red wall voters are older home owners who benefit from Tory "social democracy" (triple lock, house price increase is prioritised, etc).

  31. As long as Labour favors bourgeois bohemians it won't get anywhere.

  32. Issue is many red wall voters are petty bourgeois nowadays. Home ownership on these constituencies is often high, as well as the rate of pensioners being high too. Your class interests aren't proletarian if you rely on your house price going up and the stock market to go up to boost your pension.

  33. That's not what I meant by bourgeois. I'm not using the Marxist definition of that word. And I'm all for home ownership. It needs to be spread as wide as possible. We need to build far more houses and stop importing people. That will reverse the overinflated housing market.

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