1. West Ham supporter here, where we can be fighting for a European spot or relegation, you never know what you are going to get.

  2. I’m a cat behaviorist — I saw in your previous post that you were willing to work with one but weren’t sure where to go. Happy to talk this through with you — links to my website and stuff are on my profile.

  3. Horrible advice, read what the OP wrote, rewarding the behaviour with treats and you suggest euthanasia.

  4. I don't owe you an explanation or justification why I chose to do it this way., But okay just this one time I'll bite.

  5. Absolutely correct, there are a lot of negative Nancys and gatekeepers here. All the ohh it's not genuine (insert culture or nation here) the barf emojis or the sear your meat screamers are rampant. I think it has to do with a lot of 20 somethings who think it's cool sitting behind a keyboard saying things that they never would to a person's face. This looks superb by the way.

  6. Rebelious teenage too cool for school attitude indicated by her age and developing some independence.

  7. That's one of those films that is burned into my brain forever, absolutely superb.

  8. Over stimulation is actually painful to a cat, hence the slight warning of ok I had enough.

  9. Anyone ever see the highlights of Gretzky at the world juniors, where as a teenager he was up against 20 year olds making them look like pylons.

  10. It’s The Game of my childhood and I uninstalled it about 20 seconds in… haha I guess for me some things better stay in the past as cherished memories!!

  11. That's about right, old school gamer here since the days of the original NES, 90% of the games on that console now I find unplayable.

  12. Contrary to what the other person believes, I think the grading on the new restoration is actually better than the old one. It may not be perfect (I think they pushed the yellow a bit too far), but I think it is preferable to the old one that looks like a typical neutralised, magenta-pushed, DVD-era master. The 4K restoration is also much more detailed with a better rendered layer of grain.

  13. Thanks for the input the 4k player I have is a Sony so no issues there, and this is the problem, you will get different opinions on 4k restorations, I remember the whole debacle about the In Mood For Love for the 4k release of that. This is one movie that just oozes 60's style which is why I wanted the 4k.

  14. I am surprised the vatniks arent all over this, mentioning all the Ukrainians who sided with the Nazis while conveniently forgetting the 1 million Russians who fought on the side of the Nazis, never mind the rest of Europe too.

  15. Fellini, I started with 8 1/2 and I felt like it was his personal story so I did not connect with it. Then moved on to La Strada which many people give glowing reviews, but watching Giuleta Masina do her Chaplin impression for 2 hours really annoyed me, the final straw was Amarcord, didn't even finish it, I figured some artists you just don't connect with.

  16. Incredible that it’s so few, and so many are opting for the “I want to die” method. It’s been what, like 35,000 in the same timeframe?

  17. I'm not surprised, the videos I have seen are of Russian soldiers complaining that they are not being equipped well enough, not the fact that they were sent to kill Ukrainians.

  18. If you do buy him the game pass, if it's still available use the trick to get 13 months with 45€~49€

  19. Yes, if you read about American war for independence, we are not unlike ukraine. We were faced with a vastly superior British navy and army, we had no standing armed forces at that time, only farmers and their families yet we did what seemed impossible .. we sent the British with tails between their legs... I hope ukraine can find inspiration in our fight for independence. :)

  20. Huge difference in that the Brits never attacked civilians and attempted to wipe out the entire nation by extermination. Also 1/3 of the US population remained loyal to Britain and fled to Canada after the war. And without French help the Americans would have been crushed very easily, so no sorry the American revolution was nothing like the Ukrainian fight for survival.

  21. Actually they did. Civilians are all we had. As I said, the colonies at that time had 0 type of standing military force... we were sitting ducks. The British navy attacked civilian target regularly. That's all we had... we literally did not have ANY military... the only thing close to military we had were civilian militias that were made as results of the British attacking the colonies. Once we sent the redress of grievances to the king of England the British immediately began invading , quartering in civilian homes. Murdering Civilians that support independence.

  22. You can't invent your own facts no matter how many Mel Gibson movies you watch, name me a single massacre of civilians by the Brits? Let me help you, there were none. The American revolution was a scam, the colonists managed to sucker the Brits into driving the French out of North America and then refused to pay for it. You comparing it to Ukraine is horrible, a joke and a disservice to Ukrainian suffering.

  23. I have never seen any of his work, so I am curious as to what they are like after hearing all the good things.

  24. One could completely understand how the US was reluctant to hand over fighter jets to the Ukrainians in order to ensure they would not be all immediately shot down by the Russians. Now that it has been proven that a group of students, IT programmers, small business owners and doctors managed to defend Kyiv last year against the Russian invasion, they can proceed with it and ensuring a quicker Ukrainian victory and saving lives.

  25. This is why I love central and east Europeans, the genius and instinct to survive has been there for centuries, no one in my country (Canada) would every think of something as epic as this to skirt regulations and payments.

  26. The best thing in a slow cooker are carnitas, I'm always looking for tweeks and slight variations, thus looks superb.

  27. Did you get this at a special butcher shop? I'm looking to expand my horizons beyond the same pork, chicken and beef.

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