3-year-old Ryker Webb survived the Montana wilderness alone for two days. He was found in a shed two miles from his home. Authorities say he was very lucky considering the Bull Lake Valley, where he was found was home to many Mountain Lions and Bears.

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  1. Can we have Boris back, we didn’t ask for him to go

  2. That pranksters are massive attention seeking wanker

  3. Bold of you to assume we even have 20 years left

  4. Look at me! I feel so passionate about climate change I’m prepared to vandalise stuff - these antics just antagonise people- they could be out planting trees

  5. His “Beware Paranoid” tee shirt was in the laundry

  6. If he said he was on a Stag night he would have got off

  7. Now if he could do that with both legs son, you’d have an act!

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