1. never trust a dude that with a hair-gel parting haircut---- he is gonna be evil....

  2. And yet he’s going to appear in a School dance episode!? We’re not having another Starco, Reylo or Adrienette ruin Disney even more!

  3. Yang: how is our child so loud? Even Ruby was quilter than her as a baby

  4. 10 years and 9 volumes, they’re finally official. Ruby and Weiss are totally next.

  5. First Korrasami, then Catradora, then Bubbline, then Lumity, then Harlivy, and now Bumbleby.

  6. So, Luz is gonna go ballistic when she sees Amity as a puppet, right? She’s going beast mode y’all.

  7. Targeting Luz’s ADHD is one of the cheapest shots the Collector could take

  8. The Beyonder from Marvel or is there another Beyonder in a Disney show somewhere? Is he in the Moon Girl show??

  9. Simpsons and Disney. Worst thing to ever happen in the world next to Dipper doing the Lamby dance without his costume.

  10. Just make it and don’t get involved with butts like Disney, Nickelodeon or Warner Bros.

  11. “Law is meaningless, stealing is legal now!”

  12. Damn you Disney! We could have gotten a beach episode with Luz scaring others around with cute crabs.

  13. Why are we still voting? Sashannarcy is already canon. It’s pretty obvious those 3 proposed together in that picture at the end credits of Amphibia’s series finale.

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