1. Really depends. Most of them, nothing at all, don’t want to do this anymore, ok, just move on. One of them, life crashed and realized I had to get my shit together.

  2. I’ve a bunch of offspring, that I know of, they are expensive, pretty cool now that they are older too. Enjoy your money bud.

  3. Done means done. I had a person tell me “I think we should break up” years ago, to which I responded “yeah I guess we should then” And I moved on. Didn’t have any bad feelings towards them, but they made their choice. They strangely popped up a month later at my local spot dressed up, and said hi to me. About 30 seconds later my future spouse (that I’d never talked to before) invited themself to a seat at my table and the ex packed up and walked out the door. That ex avoids me to this day for some reason despite always being kind to them. Life isn’t a hallmark movie, I’m not chasing anybody that doesn’t want me.

  4. I use target coatings waterborne lacquer and tinted lacquer. I don't have a strong preference for primer probably Zinsser BIN or 123. But I'm open to suggestions if there is a primer that is particularly easy to spray.

  5. Check the cfm output on all of them and go with the highest one. Bin will be the thinner primer of the 2 you listed. Realistically if you’re already having success spraying your topcoats and only having issues spraying your primers. You may consider just getting a cheap dedicated airless pump. About $300. If you go to harbor freight and get theirs I’ve heard of people getting the extended warranty and just getting it replaced if it goes bad. Add a fine finish tip to it and you can spray bin or any primer of your choice, you just need to move a bit faster.

  6. Anything I can say to change your mind?

  7. This is the most reasonable and rational call for debate I’ve ever seen on this sub. This and

  8. So - this is my wife's project. She got into furniture flipping. I was taken aback when I saw how paint is now marketed specifically to the uninitiated: elaborate, gorgeously designed boutique packaging, minuscule quantities at insane prices, and especially the mantra of "professional results without the effort, mess, smell, or required skill".

  9. Yep. Beautiful label design and anyone can do it, but no refunds. Sorry bud. It’s a nefarious market

  10. Then go vote against him I don’t care. I’m just sick of hearing about it.

  11. Thanks for your post bud. I really appreciate it. Sorry the crazies hijacked it.

  12. Don’t touch a Black women’s weave. I didn’t even know that shit was there till it was laying on the counter like an alien and scared the shot out of me. Giggling and waving it around like a flag will get you yelled at

  13. As a Madison resident I can tell you it's fairly affordable if all three of your cats have decent paying jobs.

  14. Rust-oleum ultra cover premium latex paint, fast drying. Though it's only been about 24 hours since I've applied it, so it's dry but not cured

  15. Going to want to give it a bit beyond the max curing time considering temp and humidity as well, not drying time before you clear that. Black latex products have a huge colorant load in them and take a very very long time to fully cure. If you put that poly on before the full cure time it will alligator the poly.

  16. Not a trump supporter but I agree. If you / they blame him for this they can or should Charge Harris for her comments about the BLM riots

  17. That’s the thing right there. If you don’t agree with them you’re a trump supporter and a fascist now. Moderate logic has no place in this world of cumulative extremism.

  18. Agreed! I use Mohawk Break away glazes for similar results as the base cabinet. Really speeds up the process rather than using traditional glazes.

  19. Yep. Traditional glaze requires a lot more manipulation and technique, keeping it wet. Breakaway/powder glaze is easy. Milesi/axalta/renner sell WB ones the Milesi and renner being easier to take off and available in quarts.

  20. I have an old coffee table I want to refinish, with white legs on the bottom and a brownish stain on top. Specifically, what technique and product is likely used to make the legs look like shown in the image?

  21. Once you wax, you’ve forever contaminated your piece. It’s a glaze. You can wet glaze with an acrylic tinted medium and a brush or powder glaze. To achieve the effect.

  22. He may be down too with the season change, your rut, plus that can be a factor.

  23. He filled out the declaration for candidacy and had at least the minimum 2000 required signatures before June 1st. Anyone can do this.

  24. I read this as temperature and my answer was going to be viscosity. I’d guess they went with lightbulb terminology though and it’s a bit yellowed. I actually don’t know though

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