1. Could you see that was going to happen or was it luck?

  2. ptq says:

    And it often goes -50%.

  3. Thanks, I find when you do that there is so much you do not use

  4. ptq says:

    I buy software not to use all the functions it has, but for the ones it's the best at.

  5. Years ago I did that and ended up with loads of software

  6. Stadz Taylor Rd Blacklick. Food as good as anywhere but the friendly atmosphere is the best, on Monday, Friday and Saturday when there is music, the place is hopping.

  7. I haven't been since it was the big cheese. Is it the same food with a different name?

  8. Never been to the big cheese, but with a name like that it should be good. Stadz food good for what it is, the owner goes out of his way to run a happy ship.

  9. Brew Dog New Albany, very bad service, staff not interested at all.

  10. Talk about right place right time. What a fantastic experience.

  11. Weather apps are the same. This is what gets me, they can't get it right when it is happening. The number of times you hear, it is raining now in xyz, no it is not.

  12. "There will be about 5 acres of shared-use paths within and around the entire development, plus a park with an amphitheater at the center of it."

  13. I did my last winter camp last year. At 79 cutting enough wood to keep a fire going was tough, I was wiped out when I got home. On my own for three full days, walking, reading playing music, Concertina, great fun. Got some good memories, I am happy with it.

  14. Yes it’s a work out for sure I think about how people did this full time they were some tough people

  15. Can you point me to some I have a libertarian brother in law I could throw them at.

  16. Comes with cable here in the USA. I sometimes watch 5 games on a weekend.

  17. Depending on what software you have with your camera try YouTube, Lots of good video on all aspects of processing.

  18. Lets see what happens. He may have a plan for later in the game. I keep saying the first 10 games will show us how we stand.

  19. Tell him for safety you will meet at the police station to do the deal, that will sort him out.

  20. I'm so jealous! I'd give an arm or leg to live in such a situation. I'm in the USA Bible Belt 😭

  21. I am a Brit living in the USA and find the whole situation weird, the extent of brainwashing is scary.

  22. Jesus Christ. Why do Americans pay so much in taxes when it seems like for every single thing you have to do all the bureaucratic legwork?

  23. I am a Brit living in the US, employees are treated like shit over here and it is accepted because, Socialism and anti unionism.

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