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  1. She somehow reminds me of Kate Middleton, another FN..

  2. I can't see her as balanced.. She has too much vertical and width. I wish she were a DC, since we are urgently in need of a contemporary fashion icon, but I see her more as FN. She shines in outfits that I as a DC would simply drown in.

  3. Definitely DC. I can see people saying FN because of her style but that asymmetric one shoulder dress was eating her alive, a FN could’ve handled that.

  4. Agreed! I see no width whatsoever, she seems quite narrow.

  5. So cool, and not just based on her looks.

  6. Sipping red wine at the riviera at dusk 😎

  7. Number 2 is gorgeous and makes you look best in my honest opinion. It emphasises your beautiful shoulders and delicate arms.

  8. If you need more convincing for dress n.2, I can also add that you immediately reminded me of the beauty ideal of the 1840s in central Europe and of the beautiful ladies of

  9. Finally another SC! So glad so many different lovely ladies are being verified 😊

  10. SLOVENIA: I Saw Her That Night by Drago Jančar

  11. If anyone is interested in more slovene authors:

  12. Sarah Jessica Parker is one! And she definitely knows her best colors.

  13. Jane Austen makes me laugh out loud.

  14. I’m reading Jane Austen: A Life in Small Things by Paula Byrne and it’s very good. The annotated editions of JA’s novels edited by David M. Shapars are also very good.

  15. Thank you, they seem interesting!

  16. I highly recommend Claudia Johnson, who wrote two lovely Austen academic books, and a lovely biography by Paula Byrne

  17. Thank you, I will check them out 😊

  18. A small treatise on the great virtues: the uses of philosophy in everyday life by André Comte-Sponville.

  19. Gorgeous map and the pictures also 😍

  20. I like that! It is the closest to my personality 😁 I can be vivacious, but also mellowed out 🌈🤗 thanks!

  21. Thomas Piketty - Capital in the Twenty-First Century and Naomi Klein - The Shock Doctrine.

  22. That’s exciting. I’m on Day 4 right now of her original 30 Days of Yoga.

  23. Me too! 😊 Will you be stop with this one and start doing the new one? :)

  24. Can't believe no one has mentioned Middlemarch by George Eliot, deliciously rich in characterization, and very contemplative. Just an absolute gem of a book. Also agree on Jane Austen and all Brontë sisters. Balzac to me is also a must read - usually quite funny and full of richly written characters.

  25. Sergej Dovlatov is hillarious and a must read if interested in the soviet era. I recommend The suitcase.

  26. She looks too elongated to be classic. And her IG pics give me FN vibes.

  27. That is extremely creative! We could all do that 😊 I've challenged myself in tha past few days to examine the state of my autumn/winter wardrobe and try on how many different cool outfits (that I actually like and are at least a bit stylish or special) I can make out of clothes I own. I wanted to see which are not really used, which I must change a bit (maybe dye it a different colour, maybe get it resewn) and what small purchases would really make a huge difference in my wardrobe (a belt, a skin coloures tshirt, a scarf in a certain colour etc) It made me realize I have more than enought cool outfits to last me a whole season, eventhough my wardrobe is not big at all.

  28. I am sorry fpr not being constructive, but you look amaazing in all colours, you can pull everything off, the more saturated, the better. I don't like greys and whites on you.

  29. Omg, I would love it if you could do this for soft classics... The amount of yin, how soft and flowy can we go, is sometimes very confusing. 😊 This series is excellent!

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