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  1. I think AS4 was a killer season, but ended horribly. We had the awful sex and the kitty girls challenge and then the horribly edited double win.

  2. So no one born in a western nation is allowed to criticize anything? As if we had a choice where we were born. If I move to China will I then be allowed to criticize them?

  3. It’s literally not because you are free to say whatever you want. But if you’re covered in shit telling someone they need to shower because they smell like b.o. you might be better off sorting yourself before casting blame elsewhere.

  4. FWIW these Indo picassos (I call them Indo because those were the first sellers to slap the picasso name on this cultivar) have a completely different variegation and growth pattern from the OG picassos. Very nice plant, but as an owner of a few of these that I love, I've come to accept that they are not the picasso I was looking for, and am still searching for.

  5. Banning natural gas in homes is idiotic, as weather severity increases having redundant energy sources to homes is smart. Older furnaces do need electricity to function, and newer ones just need a small battery back up system.

  6. The natural gas industry is literally leaking massive amounts of methane from every corner of their distribution infrastructure. Idk how folks think we are gonna address climate change without significantly reducing demand in this sector. Never mind the significant health implications of combusting methane in our homes.

  7. The oil industry leaks more natural gas than the natural gas industry. Climate change is the result of population explosion little else. There needs to be a rational discussion about what causes climate change and steps to reduce climate change grounded in science, not with whatever is currently trending in popculture.

  8. The only “science” this take sounds like is eugenics.

  9. I think the downvotes are them bringing up that jasmine was trans when it had nothing to do with it , I've seen some fans bring up a queens trans identity in the middle of drama as a way to imply that anything done against a trans person is inherently transphobic

  10. You literally cannot defend Kornbread without catching downvotes in any thread those haters are in. Check my recent comment history if you don’t believe me.

  11. Oh no I agree with that too! I was just suggesting another reason aswell. I believe I once got downvoted for defending Kornbread

  12. Bullying a trans queen is literally the exact language they used to condemn Kornbread. I used that specific language because if anyone could reasonably have been accused of that, it was Daya. Instead, we all saw what the response was.

  13. I'm not underestimating the messy bitches either, but in this case, it's just too efficient and organized. It's not a coincidence result of a bunch of uneducated children being petty, there's a certain group planning and executing this.

  14. Queens get brigaded with organized hate campaigns literally every season.

  15. This feels different. This is specifically targeted to remove the queens completely of socials, while normally hates actually fill the interactions bar off the chart.

  16. mass reporting isn't a new tactic, and it's not something limited to right wing trolls.

  17. Are you seriously defending hate on the internet? Dude you drag race fans are Fkn insane.

  18. And then they bitch when the queens respond. I wonder how some of these little shits would like their inboxes permanently flooded with hate.

  19. Can y’all just leave this poor kid alone already? JFC.

  20. Every season this fandom puts the queens of color through the fucking wringer and every season they insist it’s not about race.

  21. Why don’t we start actually being hateful since we want this to be fair? Should people go after Kornbread for the way their make up looks in quote tweets or say their food looks horrible?

  22. Y’all relentlessly bash her and act like she’s the bully.

  23. Do we? She gets really minor criticism from this subreddit and most people post stuff along the line of her being a goddess of drama or whatever.

  24. Oh please you literally cannot defend this queen without the downvote brigade showing up. Every single thread where she comes up whether positive or negative, the haters are lining up to put their two cents in. The complete lack of self awareness around these parts. Stunning.

  25. Those are the ones who caught the beatings/bullying as kids while those of us who could pass sat in the closet. The ones you wish would tone it down are the bravest of all of us.

  26. I don’t think of anything like that. I came here to spit sarcasm because this is RPDRDRAMA, but it should be called RPDRPETINESS instead.

  27. If this is satire you’re actually fucking killing it lol.

  28. So I asked the same question a few months back and sadly didn’t get the right answer til after dyeing the sweater. My patch picked up color, but thankfully it wasn’t that bad.

  29. Incredible work. The creamy parts remind me of a cafe au lait dahlia!

  30. Lovecraft Country was fucking awesome and got canceled after 1 season.

  31. You keep bringing up new music bro nobody is mentioning new music good lord nigga. And of course your gonna see hella blonde vinyls here. it’s the damn frank ocean subreddit

  32. Have you seen what they’ve been putting Meg through? For getting shot by a gremlin with minimal talent?

  33. They aren’t dragging her for getting shot it’s the weak ass cover up attempt. It was stupid and misguided

  34. Reminder that Meg went out of her way to avoid putting Tory in danger the night of, and didn’t say shit about it til Tory’s PR team went out of their way throw her under the bus in order to muddy the water in advance of the DA pressing charges. Like idk what part of what she did anyone could really take issue with. This dude fucking shot her, she bent over backwards to keep him safe, just for him to get all of these dumb ass male rappers and gossip outlets to slander her for it.

  35. Ok so fair question to ask why you would order in winter but I really wonder why the sellers ship them? Seems unethical

  36. Nah. When you’re buying from international sellers the onus is 100% on you to account for your local weather.

  37. I can legit smell the ammonia in this pic. Cute dog, but that tank is visibly not in a good place.

  38. This is an echeveria. You might want to post in the general succulents forum.

  39. She looks beautiful stunning and YES like a giant beautiful Black Barbie doll I’d love to play with. Why are their two faces in the first one not that two Symones is a bad thing it’s a great thing

  40. I think it’s meant to be a reflection in the plastic packaging, like the doll is still in the box.

  41. "Experts." More proof that some people purporting to be experts in the field should probably sit down and shut up.

  42. Apparently she doesn’t like the voting format and doesn’t want to eliminate other queens.

  43. Our tender hearted jewel. She was amazing at the drag drive thru show I went to. Sad that she was so traumatized by this racist ass fanbase.

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