Making a $17k dining table

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  1. Over 50% are ingame purchases? What the fuck? He spent 2 years of my uni on MTX lol

  2. Got any more questions? I am that guy.

  3. Does market include sales like net profit, or is it just purchases. The latter kinda seems misleading imo.

  4. Just purchases. I’ve made over 5K on the market from buying low selling high.

  5. Sadly I sell mine to buy tha next one , makes it cheaper when I want to upgrade.

  6. I made a mistake buying the 1080 instead of the 1080ti. I bought the 1080 when 1080ti just released. I’m from Balkan so SKUs usually take months to be available here, but it only took 2 weeks and I felt bad for having the 1080 at first. It did give me joy on a lot of games back in the day, I wasn’t looking for any of pc specs of any game, just buy and play. 10 series was the best.

  7. For me it works but it’s like 10 lower, so if I want 100 Mbps I just put 90

  8. I think I’ll get it to try out games I’m not sure on but I like the idea of owning all my games and no ongoing cost.

  9. You’re not going to play those games next year, at least half of them you’re not so game pass is a great value.

  10. Nearly got it, has to be Ranked or dont count BL Buddi

  11. Same Shit, I hate fucking people who are focused on ranked and ranked only. I have a IRL friend who doesn’t play Dota for 12-24 months, comes back and starts ranked while not knowing anything about the game, leaves for 2 years, comes back again and still play ranked only.

  12. OP said it’s a man and I thought it was 55/45 the other way… no wonder you’re not having any luck. Change your look…

  13. Just by seeing this the fish price at the market dropped by 20%. More supply than demand !

  14. For 17k that wood better be thicker and have 0 imperfections boii!

  15. I wouldn’t be surprised if the 128gb cost as much as the 8tb, or close back in the day!

  16. You can't fire someone for saying "shit". If you think that you're a shithead.

  17. Not what he said, his attitude while the camera being live, shithead.

  18. Who was the giant asshole?

  19. Who the fuck is this asshole? Anyone got a name? I need to trash talk to this moron! Edit: his name is Paul, written on his shirt.

  20. I’ve subscribed to some topics/discussions that are time sensitive and I’m not getting them on the UI, so I have to open my browser to see em!

  21. This is the high quality memes I signed up for!

  22. Oh OLED is good, very good, other than having to replace it every so often. I got myself a mini QLED display, and I only paid $900 for it. Im happy with the colors, the brightness and the HDR content it produces!

  23. By taking a photo of your monitor instead of a screenshot, I was kinda hoping you'd stay banned.

  24. It was for me 10 years ago, so I played dead space 2 instead (less scary) but now I’m a grown up, played the remake and I was yawning.

  25. I love phil but he just doesn't seem ready to be on the other side of the camera... I'd like to see him in videos more but he needs to work on that

  26. And his laugh is kinda annoying, nothing personal.

  27. That’s nice, but i still have no money to buy it, so i will wait for the crack.

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