1. Where's that loser who was shilling his $2.5 puts. HOPE YOU LOST IT ALL

  2. you talking about Krogo or the guy who bragged about his Rivian?

  3. TIL bbby board of execs is basically an amogus/TTT game

  4. Now ex board member - rest of board might have known she was a rat and used it to their advantage by getting black rock to recall shares

  5. They gave her a spankin', according to sources familiar with the matter.

  6. Interesting, ive had thoughts around Harmon making little to no rev for its size. This almost confirms it for me

  7. Harriet, what did you tell the press man again! Get over here, bad, bad bad

  8. y u askin me?! im just here to FUCK AROUND AND FIND OUT

  9. Reminds me of the good ol' GME days when FUD articles were rolling in left and right and people were scared.

  10. GME taking off here. LCID halted. When time for us

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