Marjorie Taylor Greene is a Morlock

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  1. Wait, so is loblaws price gouging, or their suppliers?

  2. Loblaws started it, then suppliers wanted a piece of the pie

  3. Did loblaws cause the inflation in Europe too? What about car prices and lumber?

  4. Just a karma farm. Picture of a USB drive with a random story attached. Reddit takes over from there.

  5. I agree her politics is stupid as shit but do we have to stoop so low and start insulting their looks? What happen to not shaming others for their appearance? Does that go out of the window just because you disagree with their politics?

  6. "take the high road" bullshit. no thanks. i'm tired of being the better person. im going to be worse.

  7. the infrastructure is there. Rogers, Bell and Telus just want to expand their monopolies instead of use the existing infrastructure.

  8. You asked why just so you could give your shitty take. It's the same reason you don't get your phone out at movies. Maybe try living in the moment.

  9. maybe try letting other people enjoy things they enjoy and mind your own business?

  10. Says the guy commenting his horrible take on reddit over a guy who was enjoying seeing a crowd without a phone. I'm sure the irony isn't lost on you genius.

  11. It’s really not the amazing gotcha moment that every redditoid here seems to think it is. Spanish is the predominant language in Miami, English is almost everywhere else.

  12. woah woah woah, nobody said it wasn't also a shithole still

  13. Nobody cares. This isn’t an airport you don’t need to announce your departure!

  14. How do you define TFW

  15. What I find really disturbing is our governments willingness to allow TFWs in when employers can't find local workers at the rates they still pay. Either your business is viable here, using local workers at reasonable pay rates, or it isn't. If you need foreign workers then move to where those workers are. Taxpayer's shouldn't be subsidizing you which is what's happening when you bring in those TFWs.

  16. American police is the largest crime organization in the world

  17. Kind of? The national guard has been doing this kind of thing forever. It is basically their job.

  18. National Guard and Reserve convoys often stop at truck stops as a group to refuel when they perform monthly drill maneuvers. Not out of the ordinary at all really. Except it’s at night…

  19. The youngest of these, Tadarrius Bean (first in the top row) is only 24. What causes someone so young to commit such brutal act of murder?

  20. Well, if the staff consented to it and they're actually trained and willing, then hey, school shootings hopefully won't fucking happen there. This isn't an ideal solution, but man, we saw how some police/security react in these kinds of scenarios. Can't rely on them always unfortunately.

  21. Eventually it will and the packing staff will die because shooters have body armor and semi auto rifles with large mags. It will be worse than people seem to think as well. People in this thread don’t realize they train their carry staff like a response team, so everyone that carries responds to a shooter, and none of them have armor or rifles.

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