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  1. More like you need to get to the next fucking level.... of the house and hope for safety.

  2. Breaking Bad. I was, according to what my friends told me, a few episodes from Gus dying. The wife just got on my last nerve and I refused to watch anymore.

  3. There's a lot of detailed info in the FAQ/Beginners basics, but TLDR:

  4. I have a grow light that I am using from AeroGarden. I hope that will work fine. I am in the midst of getting new soil and dish with holes.

  5. Thank you very much for the identification! Curious, are you just really well versed in plants or do you have a useful tool? Or both?

  6. Mostly just know stuff; I'll occasionally use a local fieldguide for stuff in my area or a search

  7. I suggest trying to battle league. Get whooped and make that deck. If you collect enough you should have all the cards. Get dragon each week, you get 60 gems a day for free from adds, plus 250 gems for winning league rank 1. That is a net of 670 gems a week.

  8. I think I can speak for everyone on this sub, we want this. I'll buy one right now homie.

  9. I am going to make it a plan to make a plethora of these and go to the next Gathering next year and sell them.

  10. Can you guess the colors of J's? Just seeing if my personal thoughts and resonings for colors makes sense to other juggalos

  11. I've had absolutely abysmal luck with everything for about a month. Bad card packs, bad card rotation, might have won 5 out of 50 matches, can not get any decent trades or trade offers. Have pretty much just been trying to weather the storm and hoping for a break soon.

  12. Looking for any cards in specific? I am down to trade if I have spare or am not using it

  13. Finally got my Dharma Dyes in and wanted to make a peace sign that popped! What better than monochrome (with a tiny touch of Sapphire Blue) and rainbow peace sign. Also, I am in love with spines on my shirts.

  14. No, the first question is not nuanced enough. It’s not that I actively do not believe that god exists so much as I am simply not convinced that a god actually does exist.

  15. What you're describing is Agnostic. Aethisim believes there is no god. Agnostic believes that there may be no god, but is not absolutely certain.

  16. I'm rarely impressed with mythic cards. I rarely find a way to use them in a winning deck.

  17. I play a lot of card games. Magic the Gathering is one. I tell newer players to learn how the cards synergize and how to properly play the decks. You can have the strongest deck in the world, but if you play it poorly you will rarely win.

  18. Is it a coincidence your IGN is BubbaGump aka Bubba Gump SHRIMP and you got an ocean mythic?

  19. I'm guessing you don't have biometrics. The weakest cards are Carol and Oxytocin. Do you have any other big cards or science buffs? Even basic cards like Kettering and Gecko might be good, it looks like you have lots of spare energy

  20. I will be looking into those. I am still very new to the game so I have no clue what any of those are

  21. I've never considered spending gems for coins in earnest until now, but maybe it's not that bad. 🤔

  22. Even though the game says not to chase mythics, I wanted to last night. So, I did the math. If you trade 400 gems for 200k coins, the 4,500 coin pack is equivalent to spending 9 gems on the pack. Now, sure you don't get limited rares+ in that pack, but you get fusion items, and bulk rares+ that allow for fusion, trade fodder, and crafting.

  23. I had a rough day at work, had some spare gems, did the math and figured the 4,500 coin pack for 8 cards yeilded most cards for least cost. So glad I decided to burn the 200k in coins.

  24. I have two! I would have traded for something lol I'm not picky

  25. I would always like another for future trade fodder, if interested. IGN: SpecialEdward

  26. Seeing how the max cards 1 player can give is 4 at a time. I'd say minimum 4 Archangel's. And that's an unfair trade for you. /s

  27. Did I end up in an alternate universe? Everybody suddenly saying how they'd never give up 2 Jupiters, a fusion ingredient, for a limited epic?

  28. If I were more knowledgeable and played longer than 2 weeks, I would agree. Seeing how I am still newer, I just go with the flow and learn the current.

  29. I sent Jupiter and 3 dupe limcommons for 4 of your dupe limcommons.

  30. I appreciate the offer! If there is ever anything you want or need and I have it, let me know and I will gladly see about making a solid deal for us both!

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