1. It's on the final line of the return you filed (e.g. $9 USD on the example 1040NR).

  2. I messed up because I did not Make Copies, I guess just pay$20 and hope for The best

  3. If you have already filed your return (and I apologize for not looking up your comment history), then you can call the IRS to find out, or request a tax transcript.

  4. I just kept dialing and dialing and dialing over and over again until I get through. I understand that's the only way people can get through... I actually had two phones going simultaneously and kept redialing each in a cycle.

  5. If they're filling for work and someone else is paying the bill, they're probably incentivized to go with a more convenient non-Costco option.

  6. Nice seeing you in the thread. Thanks for the ITIN guide, appreciate it!

  7. Seems like it would be easier to just get the ITIN first so you can build a credit history using the cards that don't require US credit history.

  8. Quick Update, I used a forwarding service for the US address and applied for Chase Aeroplan. I was asked to provide following documentation to verify US address that I cannot do.

  9. If you lost your original ITIN letter, you can request one by calling the IRS.

  10. The reason why we can churn CIBC cards with impunity is that their information systems are shitty, and they are understaffed. You have identified the downside of their shitty information systems, but they are a necessary thing for churners! The shittier, the better!

  11. God forbid any of these banks from hiring competent people.

  12. Was going to start ITIN process with Frugal Flyer but my first ever Nexus application is in progress (applied in September) and I am not sure if that would be impacted by ITIN. Thinking along the lines of the interview and whether they would question my US work income (due to ITIN app).

  13. You can also do it yourself for free. The income declared is gambling income, so no issues.

  14. Amazing, thank you! I was under the impression everything could be mailed and no appointment was necessary. Is an appointment with IRS just another option?

  15. The appointment is just another option. I think it's a good choice for anyone decently close to the border, because you don't need to line up to get a certified copy of your passport, and you can get a fun shopping day trip out of it too.

  16. India for one. Canadians need to send their passports in for paper visas while Americans can get an online electronic travel document.

  17. Canadians can use e-Visa for India, it was effective Dec 20, 2022.

  18. Good luck!!! Let us know when you receive the ITIN letter.

  19. How did you apply for your second AMEX without ITIN? I keep trying but it says I must call.

  20. Why don't you just get the ITIN? You'll have a lot more choices after.

  21. Well, half of it is in the "regular price" that's frozen at whatever higher price it is now.

  22. Looking to get started in the US game shortly.

  23. Booked appt at Service Canada office to get certified true copy of passport. Thought it would get done on the spot. They need to send it in. Quoting 10 business days.

  24. Was going to suggest just going to the USA and doing it with an in-person appointment, but yikes the closest IRS office is 6h 14minutes from Winnipeg (in Bismarck, ND)!

  25. I've played enough video games and watched enough movies to know that something big is going to go down.

  26. Best way of paying taxes that you "owe" after getting approved for your ITIN? Have about $85 in gambling winnings and want to make sure Uncle Sam get's every penny.

  27. Cars also need to have their lights on but I’ve yet to see anyone get fined

  28. In this day and age of LED lights, it would make more sense for cars to never turn off low-beams and taillights, especially since they improve visibility of that vehicle quite a bit anyway.

  29. I had an ITIN and 3 AMEX US cards a few years back, I've since cancelled everything except my very first no fee Hilton card.

  30. The information tied to your credit history has nothing to do with the IRS. That is, whatever address is on your credit history won't be updated by giving a new address to the IRS for your ITIN.

  31. Only if you want to file another 1040NR, or do a future W7 application.

  32. Ahh, I gotta work on my US game. I still need to get my ITIN. Good to know!

  33. Are there any services that helps you with applying for the ITIN?

  34. When applying for AMEX US through novacredit - where do I put my ITIN? Where it asks for SSN?

  35. Received 1099 income statement from AMEX for referral bonus.

  36. What box number did they put your income into? Is there a description beside that box?

  37. Moved into a new home this past summer and went through all Amex Plat, Biz Plat, Biz Gold, and Biz Edge flowchart with P1 and P2.

  38. If you're looking to take the next step toward US credit cards, such as getting an ITIN would be good to get started earlier as there is a significant lead time.

  39. You'll be fine, as long as you aren't representing that you're going to be staying past May 14.

  40. I think it's time to stop calling them boosters and shift to seasonal shot.

  41. We have flu shots that target different strains every year, I don't think it's a big deal to do the same for the COVID vaccine going forward.

  42. If that thing is in town, I can see why our gas prices are up. /s

  43. How do you guys keep your ITIN active? Do you regularly file 1040-NR? I think the ITIN expires if there is no activity for 3 years, then you have to apply again.

  44. The ITIN expiry was introduced very recently, I have not seen any evidence of them reassigning an ITIN to someone else after expiry yet, though they may in the future.

  45. What do you mean by introduced "very recently"? I got my ITIN almost five years ago, and even back then, they expired if you didn't file taxes within three years. And they don't reassign the numbers, even if they expire, as you can always "re-activate" it.

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