1. The thought of eating mallard duck is revolting, even though i love eating “duck”

  2. What is the problem with chicken, waffle and watermelon?

  3. Both political sides agree largely on comprehensive immigration reform with a new path to citizenship.

  4. How people can just... Make decisions.

  5. Ooof. I dated someone in a cult and this was their mindset. So much praying over any choice.

  6. Eastwood made the NTSB the bad guys in Sully in a manner that doesn't reflect reality you know the people who's job it is to make sure planes don't fall out of the sky. Just because the old codger is happy with the current political climate, doesn't mean he's gonna shift to be all pro regulatory agency.

  7. The NTSB weren't the bad guys in Sully. They were just...the plot. Otherwise there wouldn't be one.

  8. In the UK at least, showing footage from parliament in a comedy show. More specifically "No extracts from parliamentary proceedings may be used in comedy shows or other light entertainment such as political satire".

  9. This is horrific to me, just because of how it could be abused.

  10. This seems like a reasonable way to prune some people off into their own accounts.

  11. Harris Teeter app always be logging me out but somehow won't store the password in my iPhone Passwords feature so I constantly have to remember that shit and I do not.

  12. Okay, but the point of a political party is to seek policy victories in line with what the members of said party desire. If you don't agree with what the members of your party want, you shouldn't be in that party.

  13. This hasn't been true since McConnell decided the party platform was "No" to anything Obama said, but advancing no legislation itself. The Republican Party currently doesn't even have an official platform. Just "No."

  14. American here, according to reddit cooking subs no one eats anything but pizza and hamburgers.

  15. Guilt is extremely destructive to the person feeling it, and steps should be taken to release guilt from one's life.

  16. To the left of your list, the Dollop. To the right of your list, Fall of Civilizations.

  17. Bar him selling out to make a few shit Netflix films....Ryan Renolds.

  18. Glad its not just me then haha but yeah I just listened to these and don't really like these much either, though better than edging. I'm much more about the high energy fast skate poppunk and the poppier side of 2003 than the feels. But I like Flight of Apollo more, catchier, probably took more effort to make, and I like his (produced) voice better.

  19. Pay to get your boot taken care of. Sue the towing company in small claims for reimbursement.

  20. The Chinese place didn't give me any chopsticks with my takeout order

  21. Instant Pot. Still in the box. I keep forgetting to put it up for sale.

  22. I’m jaded and cynical so here’s an unanswerable question: if the five officers had been white would they have been fired and charged, especially this quickly?

  23. Nope. Black, minority, and female cops charged with brutality are more often convicted.

  24. As someone who was started on meditation (almost forcefully) at an age in the single digits I think there are pros and cons. I think starting as young as I did really didn’t help (especially throughout puberty). Mainly because puberty would interfere with my meds and I felt like I was trying a new medication every other week… I’m basing this off of personal experience and this is by no means medical advice. I would say the best time is when you’re done with puberty and are willing (the “willing” part isn’t always the case but it helps). I’ve learned a lot of things over the last few years and this is one of those…

  25. I dunno about your case, but my co-worker's son is taking meds so he won't try to kill himself again while he gets through puberty and can make his own decisions about his health care.

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