1. This is why I'm unapologetic and aggressive when it comes to taking as many ads out of my life as I absolutely can. I'd rather not have the rock thrown at me at all, rather than arguing if I get to keep it.

  2. You mean about blocking ads? In 25 years I've never had any issues legally. Blocking ads is basically a game of cat-and-mouse, and I just don't watch cable TV at all anymore.

  3. He's my 3rd aunt cousin and he's been killed and replaced with a local man with a wig and plastic surgery.

  4. Belgium is Waffle but without the W

  5. Only movie/property I’ve watched since Disney bought Star Wars, my main criticism for TLJ is just the gambling planet and the big throne room fight scene. Everything else I thought was decent to really good

  6. It’s cause you forgot to watch Black Christmas, dummy. It’s the birth of the franchise.

  7. On PC you just open one file and it stitches them together automatically, not sure about android but porbably the same?

  8. All those Nintendo characters?! Why did they get the chopping block?

  9. Agreed. Jump scares are fine and the best I’ve seen weren’t in horror movies, it was in Nocturnal Animals and Enemy. The best jump scare I’ve ever seen was in a horror show though called The Haunting of Hill House.

  10. When Matt Damon‘s character is talking and right in the middle of his sentence his ship explodes

  11. The demo is still there. The bypass method still works, tried it last week.

  12. idk if we can post links, just go to, search for "the Quarry" post under Steam games, click on the guide link (you'll need to make an account to see it), follow steps.

  13. Immortality is great if you liked Her Story. Though the method used to advance the story and find new evidence is a bit random and can be cumbersome

  14. That‘s what I didn‘t like about it tho. You‘re just randomly clicking on everything that is interactable without having to put any thought into it

  15. You can try to rationalize it in your head but there was no rhyme or reason to what objects you had to click

  16. FWIW, I believe the Day 1 patch helps improve the framerate considerably.

  17. there are even another option but i'm already paid for this system.

  18. To be fair, saying gracias to a mexican developer in a comment they‘re extremely unlikely to read would be kinda weird

  19. Check the files at and if there's less than, say, 5 positives, it's okay

  20. What do you say about this file then? Got it from downloading Somerville from rarbg, which is in the megathread

  21. then it shouldn't be in best mobile/best ongoing

  22. and yet Sonic wasn't included in any category at all despite the two games releasing days from each other

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