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  1. And how quickly he perished. I was expecting it to be a lot longer? Could it be the smoke inhalation got to him first? And this accelerated his death?

  2. You don't hear him screaming anymore but you see him walking away on fire close to the end of the video, at 44s. He just dropped the camera.

  3. Absolutely beautiful. Love the minimalism and color combination.

  4. "For some reason" because she was, is and always will be nightmarishly unstable with substance abuse issues. She was right about Weinstein but her acting career was never exactly stellar.

  5. How come so many girls make that thumbs up fist when they punch? 👍🏾

  6. Bro it would take like ten steps to cross the street. How dangerous could it possibly be.

  7. That road is an off ramp to a larger highway that comes right after a bend. People often miss that it's the exit to the bridge they want so they swing over real quick without a turn signal, the danger of that crossing is literally why there's a tunnel.

  8. Yeah that's definitely where it is, I'm only about 85% certain which exact road is pictured though.

  9. This is actually really cool, if I had the money I would pay for something like this.

  10. They could not even get an attorney to represent them in court today! The judge just ruled they must meet TODAY and certify no later than 5pm. I guess we’ll see if the two who voted to not certify go against court orders.

  11. And the title of OPs post does not indicate 'simulate' anywhere. FFS people.

  12. Short term interest in an article at the cost of long term interest in science. We all remember reading amazing headlines as kids or even as adults that catches our interest, only to realize it was just sensationalism and misrepresented science. After a while, some people distrust what they read and assume all scientists are full of shit.

  13. Elon could have given every single Twitter employee $3 million to retire and it would have cost him half as much as what he paid for Twitter and he would still be the richest person on earth.

  14. Weird, my degree is in biology and all the researchers at my lab are liberals. Strange.

  15. She was addressing the "mainstream media" specifically, because they asked her some normal questions that she perceived as aggressive.

  16. Along with every other sign that it's staged, what is even the point of her holding it up like that

  17. Yeah that “heavy” piece of lumber basically floated down lol

  18. It’s actually great because it immediately allows you to tell that someone is lying (and on the ignorant side.)

  19. They out themselves all the time in their fabrications because they have literally no idea how the real world works. They make up stories based in a low budget Hollywood reality then try to pass them off as real. It was particularly evident during the pandemic, when they suddenly had all this expertise about medicine and biology that in no way reflects reality, or had a "scientist friend" that told them the supposed truth about the vaccines.

  20. Don't forget spike proteins! and nano this and spike that and mRNA whatever...

  21. "My friend works in a research lab studying vaccines and says everyone knows the spike proteins devastate DNA. She said the spike proteins literally burned DNA to ashes in front her. Her boss told her to 'shut up and ship it out to the hospital.' This is what happens in science."

  22. Who has the bigger gape?

  23. Like the mythical Trump indictment, I'll believe it when I see it.

  24. Notice how the floor has a suspicious gap that exists between the fish and the camera person, but not on the other side of the fish?

  25. I am in support of age limits for sure, but one issue does stick out that I never see mentioned. Term limits and age limits inherently create a contingent of officials in government who are no longer beholden to the people. They are on the way out, regardless of what they do, so they can just do whatever their corporate sponsors wish.

  26. If someone has violent tendencies and a gun, first you try to get them away from the gun. Then you attempt to fix the psychological issues.

  27. Said they thought he was dead when they stopped beating him.

  28. Most of the popular 1440p gaming monitors I've seen are in the $300-$400 range though, so the Sceptre is definitely below average in terms of pricing. Unfortunately there aren't many reviews available, and it's not on rtings either. Amazon reviews for it are pretty good though.

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