1. verano makes rso gummies called “encore” and aeriz just came out with some new ones, i would just buy an rso syringe. also if you’re nearby one, windy city cannabis does 20% off for new out of state customers

  2. Emerald City Kush sugar has been insanely reliable for me in the past week or so. Has really nice Indica-dom effects and I love it’s pain relief and stuff. I recommend it for sure, it’s one of my favorite profiles I’ve ever had. Plus he (was) only $35 at Windy City

  3. i was thinking about that one since i never got the chance to try bg yet but sadly windy city is too far. i might try cresco’s gas station sushi since i see this sub raving about it all the time

  4. i just finished my gram! it was decent, seems like yours is way different than mine though. mine was much drier and didn’t even have a wet shine to it like yours. no banana smell either, it honestly smelled like green beans.

  5. Wow that’s interesting. I expected this to be way wetter

  6. me too! but i can’t complain, it helped me very well with my soreness which is what i was looking for, just wish it was more of a proper budder

  7. i’ll have to hit up windy city, i always look at their menu and see these amazing prices especially for bedford grow products! i usually go to rise niles and bedford row extracts usually cost $60-70/g there

  8. I got banana biscotti sundae and it was like your 4th picture… pretty dry, yet the terp% was decent and taste was okay but not a load of terps like I was expecting from some of their extracts like your second picture.

  9. same here! i got banana biscotti sundae on monday and it looked very dry, almost felt like i got some sugar instead of some budder!

  10. looks great! haven’t seen gsc in a long time so it’s exciting to see it on our menus. currently smoking on aeriz’s banana biscotti sundae budder, it’s an amazing strain. started working at a warehouse and this strain has been helping a lot with the soreness

  11. incredibles peanut butter buddha is probably the best tasting edibles i’ve tried, i have to stop myself from eating more than what i can handle because it just tastes so good

  12. hope you enjoy alchemy’s mint chocolate chip, probably my favorite concentrate on the market right now!

  13. Oh… so it’s just cured resin. Live meaning plant was freshly frozen when extracted. So idk if it’s worth paying extra for; that’s typically how all extracts are made if it’s not live.

  14. pretty much but it’s rev’s cheaper option to their concentrates so it’s not more expensive

  15. Ohhhh okay. Revolution always seems expensive for what it is. I see people always showing it love but the product doesn’t impress me to actually buy it. Disty and cdt is nothing special imo especially for dispo prices. I gotta try their concentrates or bud probably just always pricy and never on sale.

  16. i agree, i never tried their bud since i mainly smoke concentrates and whenever i tried rev’s concentrates, it never does it for me especially at that price range. this is their cheaper option but it’s still pretty expensive ($60 post tax, enlightened rec) but it’s decent. i wouldn’t pay $60 for it again but it does the job!

  17. do you know the difference between rev’s virgin extracts vs their live extracts?

  18. thank you! so does that mean virgin extracts are slightly less quality, terpene-wise?

  19. Exactly the problem you cant deny what i said because its the truth. Idiots are people who repeat others to be apart of the “cool crowd” and that is you 🤡🤡

  20. this makes no sense, what is this “cool crowd” you’re talking about? you mean the people that aren’t assholes and is willing to learn and understand how people of color are discriminated, especially in the cannabis industry?

  21. these are black market carts. i remember people used to smoke these when i was in high school, surprised that it’s still going around. you’re right, the company just adds qr codes to make them seem more legit but they’re not, i wouldn’t trust them

  22. the smell is amazing, even though this batch is from march this budder smells very fresh. the taste is also fresh with a floral, pine taste to it which tastes great with the citrusy smell on a low temperature dab. the high is also just so good, right now i’m feeling a good mix of a slight head high with a relaxing body high, this is a great strain for being with friends and socializing. i’ll definitely be picking up more of alchemy’s stuff and i’m very excited to try the rest of these strains!

  23. why did this get so many downvotes?? do people not like the new boxes lol

  24. Thanks for the info, stock up if you like concentrates. ....never mind, these deals are at their Rec-only locations with 40%+ tax. If you are medical, you will get a 10% discount, and than have to pay the huge tax. Still a good opportunity for those without med cards.

  25. it happened to be $35.93 after taxes for me, it’s back to $30/g and the price after taxes is $41.93 both are very cheap compared to other concentrates on rec menus.

  26. the smell is amazing, it’s very citrusy with a gasoline like smell that works really well together. the flavor is even better with a sweet fruity flavor with an earthy/woody aftertaste. the high is great too, very head heavy :)

  27. i hope other dispensaries and companies follow what rise/rythm is doing! this should be standard prices for concentrates

  28. I very much dislike and never buy current Rythm carts, but I will reserve judgement on these till I get one in hand. If its CO2 oil Im not buying it. But I would think it would be a BHO type thing.

  29. genuinely wondering, how come you won’t buy it if it’s CO2 extracted?

  30. I picked up 4 different strains yesterday. Mandarin Cookies was the only one I overlooked

  31. I picked up Magic Melons, Big Foot Glue, Gorilla Smile and Raspberry Parfait. All four were good. Raspberry Parfait did have a little bit different texture (more waxy) vs the other three being more sugary with resin if that makes any sense. I prefer the sugary/resiny vs the wax (no texture)

  32. you'll definitely like mandarin cookies then, it's more sugary than waxy.

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