1. You need to removed the top, don't worry, hold the bottle with one hand, the smoke won't escape

  2. The guy that I saw managed it, and seemed to like it, but said it basically removed all flavour IIRC.

  3. Yea I've seen most of those, it's been almost a year. Was curious if more people tried it. I'm considering it cause I got no boveda packs, no exra hygrometers, only mason jars.

  4. Damn i wish I would have thought to use a pin lol. Tried tape but botched it and ended up throwing away the broke off part 😔

  5. Dude like literally same thing happened to me yesterday. :(

  6. Also all your nodes are ready for guidance away from the shade of fan leafs

  7. Idk but some people say they usually wait for 5 nodes. So maybe in another week. But see what experienced growers say

  8. Looks like it. But topping is way, way better imo and it's way cleaner to cut.

  9. Why is it better, friend? I'll top my other plant for science.

  10. Just my opinion, it is a far cleaner cut and it's easier to tell if you did it properly too. And FiM cuts can grow back in very unevenly and weird and not end up growing back properly fully.

  11. I still have a chance to top it when it wakes up in 3 hours. Should I rather? It's an auto BTW, that's why I chose FIM since it seems less stressful.

  12. First thing I want to point out is that you are gonna have a fucking amazing time with that haze. I got real tired of dispensaries carrying mainly hybrids and indicas. The black market doesn't like the profitability of Sativas either, so it's pretty rare to get a nice long flowering strain.

  13. Got another question. Is it normal for fresh buds to smell gasy when you break em apart? Is that chlorophyll? My plant smelled like strawberry cream all the way, now it's like rubber and gas.

  14. Damnn tends to happen when you go too long. Terps produced change throughout the flowering stage. The longer you go the more they change. It's very likely the strawberry terps were volatilized and the plant is no longer synthesizing as much of that terpene.

  15. I also got some bud rot recently, so I read a lot of articles online and watched YouTube.

  16. I wanted to buy em, but I figured since you have to refill them as often as you would water from the top - it doesn't make much sense to use em. I'm gonna try Blumats since they can work for much longer.

  17. That looks like bud rot to me. That's really unfortunate.

  18. No bud rot found, the tops were heavily light burned causing brown purpleish colouring

  19. Besides wearing sunglasses, I also dim the lights to the minimum when I open the tent.

  20. if its hidden inside a small batch, i would not care or fear. because I've never seen this.

  21. Right, thanks. And how about earlier stages? It only happens in big and dense colas, right? And if it does, the smaller ones are not necessarily affected?

  22. I have 2 fans atm, and humidity below 50%. I had some bud rot a week ago, removed that cola and still trying to "research" this issue.

  23. Most mold or budrot is seen/noticed 2-3 weeks after the event that caused it.

  24. Lost my main cola to mold on my blood orange haze too. It was a real bummer it was seriously a soda can on a branch never saw anything like

  25. Damn it’s a shitty feeling. I caught mine early and just chopped that branch cause the rest were fine. I’m almost done smoking it and it what was left turned out to be pretty good it one of my go to in the morning

  26. Yea that's what I did so far, that's why I'm extra paranoid now, moved the tent into the other room with AC which luckily has a dry air feature, staying at 48% now.

  27. Autoflower don’t always switch on their own and switching to 12/12 will trigger flowering in autoflower I know that 12/12 will likely effect final yield and bud density but I also know that 12/12 won’t hurt and auto either.

  28. I dunno why people downvote you. I had an auto that didn't start flowering, switched to 12/12 on day 53. Other autos will be fine with 12/12.

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