1. You need an exhaust fan. It us not the dangerous black mold that can grow in walls but it us condensation from showers. There is a spray to clean it up but you need to ventilate it or run a dehumidifier.

  2. I follow him on Twitter. He's really pushing his new social media platform Spoutible.

  3. He has a terrible history. Lots of schemes and blackmailing people once he has their info. It's very serious stuff.

  4. Yea absolutely. One of the plaintiffs suing him just got flooded with calls from media

  5. Please post I am not trusted enough.

  6. (I believe that video was posted on this subredit approx 3 hours ago by

  7. Typically you need to be at least 16 to move out. He/She could be 10 for all we know.

  8. Seems pretty smart for their age then. Though for my own opinion I believe the OP is around 14 to 16.

  9. They are at an age where they need to grow up.

  10. How can i test if it's working or not?

  11. Ours wouldn't spin and wouldn't drain. The door would open and was unlocked.

  12. Do you put used dog poop bags in your pocket? Ewww.

  13. wrong as in they dont sting or tehy dont bite, or that bumblebees exist at all

  14. You asked if most bumblebees sting and I said no.

  15. They're all pretty much the same when it comes to quality at that pricepoint honestly.

  16. So is a monitor better? Can netflix be streamed on a pc/monitor setup?

  17. You can do pretty much anything a tv can with a pc and monitor. If he already has a pc im assuming he also has a monitor?

  18. He has a gaming laptop. That's it. He uses it for netflix, youtube etc.

  19. Publish directly to people Elon.

  20. I don't know if he's shady, but I spoke with him regarding his new "Twitter alternative initiative" and the guy strikes me as not particularly bright. So shady or not, I expect his Twitter alternative to fizzle out before it starts.

  21. He will take a lot of money, names, addresses and bank info from people before it does, unfortunately. It is his legacy. He is not bright, has no real company and a history of ripoffs.

  22. I know many accounts on twitter think he is a whiz kid going to save them from Musk, but beware.

  23. All windows and exterior doors should have drip caps , which is just flashing by another name .

  24. Cant see any. I didnt install the doors, previous owner did. But will look closer, thank you.

  25. Black aphids maybe? Rinse them off.

  26. Buying a company, turning it around and shredding headcount is normal but to shred staff in critical departments like content moderation was a huge mistake. Reputable news publications in my area goes on to state that there's only 1 moderator for the entire Asian Pacific region. You can see where this is going....

  27. The old moderation was a disaster.

  28. A quick look says it is a payroll company?

  29. Former bitcoin scammer, defendant in two lawsuits being investigated for bankruptcy fraud who doxes children Chris Bouzy? That guy?

  30. Ask CBouzy. He apparently has been running twitter while actual employees stay home in jammies. If you like what Bouzy gets paid to promote, Bouzy won't dox or suspend you.

  31. I have nothing to do with the production, sale, or distribution of balloons whatsoever and I have no investments that have anything to do with it, nor nor do I know anyone who does. My only interest (and that isn’t very much) is that of a consumer.

  32. A consumer who likes litter? Dead animals? A consumer who has no idea what they are saying? Do you release balloons? Where's your data that ballons don't cause problems? Here's mine, pay special attention to the dead animals and the 1000s of photos that prove you wrong:

  33. Actually I don’t release them. I just doubt it’s as big an issue as people claim it is.

  34. I found a male eider duck that ingested a balloon and the plastic ribbon became so entangled and embedded in his skin half his body rotted away and he was still alive. The rehab officer euthanized him immediately. He was in agony, starving and necrotic.

  35. The Austin PD referred all suspended license tickets to VHU for follow-up, and they suspend licenses for countless reasons. This is meaningless and misleading and you should take it down and stop spreading misinformation.

  36. Nope. Nope. Sorry. It is a literal video of her speaking. Move along.

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