1. Also, where might you recommend I get started with kydex? Even just a grrat YouTube tutorial for doing this with the simplest of tools. I know there's a ton but curious if you have one place in particular.

  2. My grandfather was also a blacksmith, like his father before him and now me. Be glad you have the opportunity to give him something wrought by your own hands. I wish I had that opportunity myself, but I know the pride you must feel carrying on that family legacy. It’s a fantastic piece, and you can see the pride on his face with what you’ve made.

  3. Super cool! Hope you don’t mind if I someday make a piece inspired by that handle :)

  4. Lets see what you can make! The wood its european walnut with leather spacers.

  5. No!!!!! Use kiln brick or something, regular wood fire place grade product is not enough.

  6. Apple Watch has a built in Oximeter, ECG, and Heart Rate Monitor, Sleep tracker, Medication Reminders, Anxiety app Calm the list really is endless, it’s popular because it has everything.

  7. My only fear is that it would be too connected to my phone. When I was using my Garmin for training (pre long covid) the last thing I want is calendar updates 😅.

  8. You can turn notifications from your mobile phone off if you like, depends on how connected you like to be, good for phone calls though, saves you rushing to find your phone 😅

  9. Tomato tomato was unexpectedly funny to read. It doesn’t really make much sense when it’s written haha

  10. For me (and many others with LC according to my LC physiotherapist) my body is nearly always stuck in ‘fight or flight mode’.

  11. Should just need water, a groin protector*, a mouthguard, and a good pair of steel toe boots.

  12. If someone tried to mug me with this beautiful of a blade…. I knida have to choose getting stabbed. Ha!

  13. Holy crap $60CAD do you mind if i ask where you got it? Mine was almost 4x that price

  14. StampsworkshopCo on Etsy. Takes a while to ship from Ukraine, so I ordered a couple spares now just in case I mess this one up. Mine was the 13mm. The larger the logo the price goes up.

  15. Thanks for posting! Just a heads up over pushing yourself can make things worse (according to my healthcare professionals) but holy crap I am happy for you!! And jealous!

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