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  1. Your Jessica Rose Clark pick is an emotional one, all your picks are now suspect.

  2. I’m offended by the accuracy of your accusation.

  3. Unlikely. If he follows his corners gameplan he is going to hide behind his jab and disengage from scrambles whenever possible.

  4. Hawaii is a pretty blue state. What are the odds abortion rights get overturned here specifically?

  5. Thanks for such a thoughtful response. I know this is a touchy subject but I don’t really know much about it so when I ask people about it I usually get emotional reactions.

  6. Tell me that when early signs of dementia kick in at the age of 45 due to lack of sleep

  7. I’d watch a spin-off series about this!

  8. The middle bottom one is giving me some Anya vibes

  9. Speed Beasts Pirates / SMILE (Counter: +1000)

  10. My brain is broken. I thought it said ‘speed breasts’ 🥴

  11. This is autistic Sean’s way of flirting. In his head, he thinks he’s being Don Juan DeMarco here.

  12. I love it when the comment is better than the post itself 😂

  13. Let’s fucking go BOBBY KING GREEN!!!

  14. I see a lot of these political memes get posted on this sub but I’m curious, what do you guys actually want to get done regarding gun legislation?

  15. Not to be ageist but I fucking hate the fact our country is run by a bunch of retirement home aged bags of skin.

  16. Ageist is a stupid concept. We should only want people between 30-60 governing our countries, any younger and you sacrifice wisdom, any older and they have too little to lose in the long term.

  17. I agree. 60 may be a bit early but I’d certainly say a mandatory retirement should be set for those 70 and older.

  18. If he walks through Emmett I’d say he is definitely in line for the winner of max vs Alex

  19. Take away the notoriety and CTE elements of BJ Penn, and I still wouldn't take him seriously. A vote for him is like having a plumber do your colonoscopy. Sure, they might find the way in, but they'll have no idea what to do when they get there.

  20. I got as far as this quote: “Hawaii’s got so many different problems with our housing problems, our energy problems, now everything with the gas,” Penn explained on the Joe Rogan Experience. “I really want to invite Elon Musk to come over to see if he can help us with Hawaii because it’s a landlocked state and everything comes in off the boat.” before I lost all confidence in Penn.

  21. Yeah I listened to that whole podcast and my takeaway from it is that he doesn’t really have much insight nor a solid roadmap to fix any of the issues that he claims to prioritize if he gets elected.

  22. Where do you see this? I never hear about Germany getting any shit for their WW2 shenanigans anymore.

  23. That is some next-level interior design though. Make yourself part of the room for the foreseeable future.

  24. Until your wife decides to move on and renovates the whole house and moves her new boyfriend in and they make love in the very room you died in

  25. I was always told the way to find your size of board is if it lines up with your belly button when standing it up. I’ve always used boards with that size correlation for myself and never had any issues.

  26. How many times is this gonna be reposted. Same photo, same dollar amount. the produce is either rotten or consumed and shat out by the time this post was created.

  27. While I don’t mind it, I just can’t stand that the standard for title fights now is that there’s almost always an immediate rematch between the two competitors, which puts the rest of the division on hold.

  28. Is this only on KR servers? Or will it be for GMS on 6/30 as well?

  29. U found an outlier. Most actually look like the top

  30. OnlyFans models never waste time when it comes to new opportunities to self promote

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