1. Well, I was a translator from french to English until the pandemic sets in, and I ve to consider something else, eventually saw opportunities in web3, worked for a while and had an opportunity to be a technical writer for a community, I got to Know of Milestonebased projects that' matches start-ups and VC together and help manage the funds for the projects after getting funded, got a Handful token of MILE and rn considering to stake them once staking option goes live, would be my passive income if it gets to come by

  2. Any other opportunities you have in consideration as per web3 jobs?

  3. There are good PGs in MP Nagar but the place is quite Far from Indrapuri

  4. I have Punjabi friends who worship Bhagvaan Shree Krishna , Celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi and Navdurga and also Karva Chauth. They believe in Waheguru (The one true God) and we Worship Bhagvan Hari Vishnu , who is indeed the one true God. Its just different names and practices formed by People in power around centuries ago . Religion always teaches you to do good, help others and Worship the almighty. Why spreading hate or envying other religion's practices?

  5. Sabko unke karmo ka fal milega. Jab Ram naam ka Raag lagega to liberal logo ka samaaj jalega

  6. Uppal is a area/locality .. its one the largest campus of Hyd for Genpact ..

  7. Awesome, thanks for the info. And yes, this genpact is near Hafeezpet. Any more info about Hyderabad would be greatly beneficial

  8. Glad to see you like that. I am also planning to do fat cutting how can I get rid of stretch marks?

  9. You can't really, take it slowly and stay hydrated!

  10. I've a suggestion. If you're losing a lot of hit apps due to perm bans. Just close your account with that vendor and move on with another vendor with more caution

  11. How can I close my account on clickworker?

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