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  1. Someone: So what's your percentile? Him : refractive index of glass for violet colour 🗿

  2. Well, that’s great that people take care of their health. But I feel like the gym culture is not solving the mental health crisis men face. Yes, getting jacked can give someone enormous physical validation. But hitting the gym won’t make someone truly accept themselves, it’s more of a coping mechanism. Working on oneself includes so much more than just hitting the gym <3

  3. Last year I had a big crush on my batchmate. We were good friends too but I didn't want to hurry so took each step with patience. After about 4 months, I came to know that she has a close school friend with whom she talks late night for hours. I was like ok, this isn't very big thing🫣. But next month, her roommate told me that she talks to that school friend like "Ek saal tak tu dhoond aur ek saal tak mai dhoondti hoon. Agar koi nahi mila toh hum ek dusre ko date kr lenge" As I heard this, my 6 months of emotions just shattered💔💔. I laughed surprisingly at this to hide that pain as NO ONE knew about my feelings for her🥲. I still remain confused whether I am too narrow minded or the world has become too Open minded😶‍🌫️😶‍🌫️

  4. Never ever date a girl if she has recently broken up, as a girl I'm telling you just don't say yes, when we girls break up there's a big empty void we earlier had, and some girls would fill that void immediately to sate their emotional drive, some girls would move on work on themselves, some would hoe around, some would simply go for their second choice aka the lonely ass simp

  5. Somehow I made it right in my exam(tukka nahi mara tha) but was not able to solve at home 🤡

  6. Not so funny fact : Courage used to save his dead owners from these creatures , he used to imagine this all 😔

  7. Self defence mei last mei sex bhi karte hain kya ...ye sahi h.

  8. BIT Mesra ki attendance/test policy pe research karo and see if it's lenient enough to take a partial drop.

  9. Thanks bro for advice, i cleared jee adv but my rank was 24k and this time I will not be able to give adv as I am a 2nd dropper , I was focusing on adv but paper was very tough this year and not got enough in mains so now barely getting into a good nit so planning for a partial drop

  10. Itana hype hai kya mere papa to bool rahe ye to private college hai , jee de ke bhi fov college nahi mila 🥲

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