1. You are in no position to be in a relationship with either if you just keep dropping them for another that gives you more attention. It doesn't sound like you really like either of these guys. Sounds like you are in love with attention, marriage, and you don't care who it's from as long as you are getting it. Thing is, right now, you are not marriage material. It's a partnership not, putting you on a pedestal and worshipping you. I think you need to walk away from the 2 you are stringing along and using for your selfish wants. Take a timeout from dating and figure out why you are ok manipulating people to fill your needs. I don't think you love these two men at all.

  2. I have not dropped them, I felt like to move forward with my boyfriend if its what I want I had to stop all contact with my friend. My boyfriend has been distant and not providing me with the emotional needs that I need for over a year but I have stayed with him as I love him. My friend was providing me with the emotional needs I have, sure I like attention but I do not manipulate anyone. If I was really manipulating then I would still be talking to my friend.

  3. I realize you do not want to get hurt or hurt anyone either. Mind you. I'm old. 53. And raised to be a gentleman. You don't want to be my age with a bunch of regrets, and lingering questions of "what if?" Just my perspective. You're missing something from first relationship. You desire or long for something more. Nobody in this world should stop you from finding it. There is no right or wrong answer. But I promise. Honesty to yourself first. And to your partner 2nd. But be honest to yourself first. Hope I could help. I don't recommend cheating or being dishonest. It always ends badly

  4. Thank You this definitely helps me. That is what I am afraid of is having a lot of regret. I am worried that my boyfriend might be the person for me and I am just being stupid and immature and I am going to regret breaking up with him.

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