1. If the bombs were sudden, there was not time in advance to board up the buildings. So, who after a nuke goes off has time to board up buildings? Wouldn’t they want to get inside the buildings to escape radiation?

  2. If people were leaving their homes in the aftermath of the bombs - to find somewhere safer to shelter long-term, say, or to meet up with others - but still hoped to return someday, they'd likely board them up to keep them safe.

  3. Tbf the same story played out more or less in Zion, just about give or take 50ish years after the war instead.

  4. I think it's less a question of 'how did these children survive the aftermath of the war' and more 'how the hell did a society of children and only children remain in place for centuries'.

  5. It's a little unclear. The Temple of Trials, at least, is almost certainly a pre-war building adapted for the tribe's needs. I've heard that Arroyo was originally envisaged as having more of a mix of high- and low-tech, but development was a little rough and that element didn't end up coming through - but, that may just be a rumour, and I don't have a source for it.

  6. The Bible says it is in fact a pre war building that was repurposed you are correct.

  7. It's a strange, windowless building that cuts off visitors from the outside world. It has oddly heavy security, and mixes high-tech fittings with bizarre, anachronistic décor. My guess? It's a casino.

  8. Counterpoint: it is good, and it was good even before it was nostalgic.

  9. Because the Legion are brutal fascists, and tend to attract people who are themselves fascists and like seeing their brand of pointless cruelty represented in a game.

  10. I understand the brutal fascist part, but I didn’t think people actually die hard agreed with it. I didn’t know much about the legion other than what was on the surface of the game, and then I found out more of the lore via YouTube and learned about how they treat tribes they took over.

  11. They do seem to have some good tacticians. That said, we don't know a great deal about their own territory - they may well have had some terrible losses we never hear about. In the Mojave, they have a bit of an advantage against the NCR, in that the conflict isn't symmetrical.

  12. I like it! It keeps things simple. It incentivises me to buy little things rather than constantly saving caps, 'cause I know I'm not going to need a huge stockpile. And to sell things cheaply, which benefits newer players! Keeps the money moving around and gives everyone something to do.

  13. You'll get there! Eventually, you'll have bought everything you need but you'll keep on earning caps.

  14. I usually just take a couple as souvenirs. Then I run the hell out of there. I know how much to take with me and how much to let go.

  15. It's deposited in the rewards chest at the end of the DLC.

  16. I actually kinda hope not - constantly raising the stakes doesn't necessarily make for a good story. It can be more interesting to have a smaller-scale antagonist that has a relationship to the locality of the setting.

  17. They didn't rise to power in Appalachia, though - at least, not so far as we know.

  18. Well, Orlando is clearly an operative of theirs, Fishbones wears the underarmor for no explained reason and Smiley's knowledge of the equipment of the secret service and Vault 79 is extremely suspicious.

  19. Yeah, they do seem to have something brewing. So far, though, I'd call it less a rise to power than, well, fucking Appalachia up spectacularly and getting the bulk of their members killed in the process.

  20. It appears to be mostly original content - it's lore-inspired, rather than lore. Which is no bad thing - it may be very well done! Just don't treat it as a reference document.

  21. Ahhh it’s so confusing haha wish they would tell us what one it’s meant to be

  22. Vault-Tec probably used both. Companies change their logos all the dang ol' time!

  23. I'm just excited for 20 years' time, when the World Aeronautics and Robotics Corporation will hold a robot fighting tournament to decide the new governor of Ganymede. Or, if you're not into martial arts, there'll be the F5000 AG racing league.

  24. If you're not burdened by carrying the gold, you can book it back the way you came - retrace your steps through the basement until you get to the elevator.

  25. The two timelines were never identical. For start, in our timeline, radiation can't make you immortal.

  26. I don’t think the NCR’s too invested in ending slavery. They keep slaves themselves, after all.

  27. The Powder Gangers, do you mean? Yeah, their use of prison labour is not great, and it went predictably wrong. The Rangers are still a formally abolitionist group, though.

  28. It does. And some goes to the salaries of self-serving careerists who don't deserve their jobs. Still, at least some of it is going somewhere good. None of the Legion's slavery budget goes to anything worthwhile.

  29. If I have a particular character backstory in mind, I'll choose a gender to match. If I'm just playing based on vibes, I'll go for a gal.

  30. Disagree. Culturally, it is like america in the 1950’s

  31. America in the 1950s was plenty slutty. That's when Playboy was first published!

  32. First time doing Union Dues, I spent the whole thing wondering whether there were any trogs, and whether those 'things' the Fanatics talked about were trogs. I soon learned the answer!

  33. There are a lot of junk items I wish we could place as decorations... and some decorations I wish were junk items, because they'd match well with things I already have in a display case!

  34. I completely forgot about those guys XD ty so much for reminding me of them, shocking to see the human side of the enclave I was getting use to people saying they're just evil and that's it, I really appreciate this my dude 😎 I actually did not know all of they're storys so even more epic :D

  35. They were human, but they were still actively serving an evil organisation that threatened all life on Earth. That's the thing about organisations - they're made up of people, and even if they seem like pleasant people who you can have a chat with, they're contributors the organisation's evil actions.

  36. Yeah, Cannibal's not so bad. Arguably, it would have been even better to up and leave, like Doc Henry or Captain Meyers. Best of all would have been to use one's position within the Enclave to destroy it and save everyone, like Dr Curling does if the Chosen One dashes the scales from his eyes - but, of course, few would really be in a position to do that, even if they wanted to.

  37. You can't compare them 1-to-1, seeing as one's a single player RPG and one's an MMO... but I would say that, in my eyes, 76 is better balanced, more fun, and has a better dialogue system and RPG mechanics.

  38. Given his company was a big defence contractor before the war, he has a pre-existing relationship with the Enclave. I can't imagine what he'd think of the Brotherhood using his big project - Liberty Prime - for their own ends.

  39. Low levels can definitely a bit rough in terms of doing enough damage, having enough scrap, and so on. Others might have more specific advice, but all I can say is, keep pushing and you'll get there.

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