1. I have worked for Allied for 6 years now with no issues. I feel it really comes down to where you're posted and who your manager is. I've been fortunate enough to be at the same post for 5 years now with the first year being a flex officer just going wherever I needed to. My vacation time is almost always approved and if I was to have an issue at all I have no problems contacting any higher-ups.

  2. Doing a 1900 to 0700, worst I've had all night so far is quite a few people asking for a bathroom due to events in town, making lots of foot traffic outside tonight. I could set up a button activated recording of my voice in the breezeway where I let people in with "Sorry no public bathroom here" and just nap at this point honestly.

  3. Considering I already started over once in OSRS after quitting a max account I played since 2001 on RS2 when EOC dropped, that would definitely be the nail in the coffin. Especially now with being on my way to maxing on OSRS.

  4. Sometimes I log in, do the funny year cape emotes, cry a little inside at all the memories I made playing it for 11 years and log off.

  5. The same level 40 98% shuckle at a gym 2 blocks from my house. Because you dont fuckle with the shuckle.

  6. Just trying random things I want to make I used the 200 monthly plan in about 3 days and haven't resubscribed yet. Sometimes you can get lost in trying to make new veersions of something just to get it right and next thing you know you're 100 uses down. The unlimited would be fun but I cant justify 30$. In my case, personal use being bored at work.

  7. Would love the prompt on the 4th one, even if its just the part with the picture style!

  8. This, but, make some worlds where all wildy is multi. The clans can fight other clans there because that is what they want right? Clan fights? Or do 90% of them just want to pile one person over and over while world hopping all day.

  9. How are people fighting giovanni? Ive never had a quest to get the special radar

  10. People save their radars (I’m saving mine for shadow mewtwo). People just finished the research (some casual players take their time on research)

  11. Oh I see, it must have been farther back than when I returned. Past 4 months or so, never had a radar.

  12. Just hit 118 playing since start of season, that was religiously making sure I did the dailies and weeklies up to level 80. Now I just play Mystery Heroes and don't worry about the challenges.

  13. I try to put "full body portrait" in the prompt's, doesn't work all the time.

  14. Zeus was on ’roids? 😂

  15. I used "lean body" in the prompt, I started with "muscular body" but that was even worse. XD

  16. I kept trying the prompt "holding a lightning bolt" in all my variations and this was the least weird one.

  17. If you're on Windows, Windows Key + Shift + S should open a screenshot tool. Post will likely get removed for taking a picture of a screen with a phone as detailed in the low effort posts section.

  18. I would like an invite! 3013 4910 4625 narweezy73, thank you!

  19. Accepted a friend request from someone. No idea if they are sending an invite or not though haha.

  20. Added on POGO but in campfire says you have an invite for it already, try opening it up and logging in.

  21. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Binomial_distribution#Probability_mass_function

  22. The chance of getting at least 1 rare is 1-(0.97)5=14.1266%. The probability of not getting exactly 0 is the same as the sum of probabilities of getting 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5. In general, to get exactly k rares in n slots, the probability is

  23. Raggers don’t go after just random noobs, and damn sure don’t rag random noobs for life. You prolly fucked around and found out. 8 to 10 guys have been ragging the p2p pvp worlds for almost a decade. Everyone knows who they are and who not to talk shit to. Most of them have a reason as to why they do it, whether it be protecting some scheme they have going or if you chat shit, they will follow you. I’ve never seen a single non toxic regular pker getting ragged by these guys. Log into p2p pvp world and mention the names ipker, elegance, stone, nenad, ditz and I promise one of them will pop up wherever you are. They been doing the same thing for almost a decade but never rag regular people. 99% of the time if you just say sorry for whatever you did, they will let you off. Most of them are actually decent people and just pretend to be idiots.

  24. Ive been ragged just for beating a guy in a regular DH fight. As he died he typed " ok ragged " and then proceeded to do that. When trying to talk to him at all it was juat him saying " 1m for off. " When I got bored of it and said I was going to bed its " LOLOLOL CLEARED ". These kinds of people cannot handle losing and the majority of them are not decent people. Im pretty sure they have problems IRL to be trying to bully people online. Thats my take on it.

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