1. Love Dungeon Core and/or litrpg the most in theory. But often the execution doesn’t live up to the premise.

  2. Eh, more like just a bad title. It's one of the few good VRMMO titles I've read, and the game its based in seems heavily inspired by real life MMOs. I've never played Final Fantasy Online, but I raided World of Warcraft pretty heavily back in the Vanilla/TBC/Lich King era and I definitely felt like it was written by someone with raiding experience (a good thing, since the main character is the leader of a top raiding guild).

  3. No, but like the premise of how the NPCs work. There’s a lot of gamer culture humour as well.

  4. About my story? Yes. It is on hold at 50k rough draft due to life events and I’m in the process of building a system/stat tracking program that lets me see where a given character is at any point in the story. Keeping track of the stats turned out to be harder than anticipated.

  5. Man, all of this sound amazing! Figure me anxious for the release. Is there any way I can track it? Do you post updates somewhere?

  6. I plan to follow the standard release strategy for all my stories: batch post like 15-30 chapters to royal road, follow with daily updates to see if it catches on. If yes, start a patreon and probably move to a three days a week schedule. Kindle if patreon does well. Probably not audiobook since I don’t read them and I’m very picky and haven’t found any narrators I’d feel happy with doing solo narration.

  7. Like many others said, you can have profession without it being profession fantasy. The sub genre requires a much stronger focus on the power progression than most regular fantasy books have.

  8. It has the overall picture sort of right, but the writing is terrible, and it doesn’t seem to understand what a litrpg is.

  9. I love griping about these kinds of errors, but I hope authors don’t take it too personally.

  10. This was the classic humour trope in Overlord. It‘a Gamelit, not necessarily prog fantasy, but anyone who watches or reads it will notice this immediately.

  11. i felt it makes it easy for non technical people to understand, many people do not know what is powering chatgpt so but i agree it can confuse people will make sure next time

  12. Non technical people probably don’t even know how agi is different from AI, so it does not make it easier to get. Might even make it harder

  13. Can you clarify what you mean in the summoner part? I'm actually (very slowly) working on a story about summoners, and I'm interested in what you meant by "summoner" vs "party builder".

  14. Probably permanent summons vs like final fantasy style temporary summons that have to go back to their plane. Many summoners in prog fantasy are really tamers for magical beasts/elementals

  15. Lotus Lake by Jay Boyce Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God

  16. I made a slight fool of myself when I replied to another comment about reincarnation of the strongest sword god with the comment I actually replied to about second chance swordsman. Derp.

  17. Didn’t care for the whole internal force expert development either. Loved it up until then

  18. I don’t mind protag powers, but it is more interesting when at least some of the antagonists also have a higher level ability.

  19. So do you object to cultivation as the form of magic, or just the societal tropes from cultivation novels?

  20. My body is ready for the inevitable counterpoint that GPT models can't have an IQ because they don't think and this is all a travesty that misapplies a meaningful test onto a meaningless system.

  21. Instead, how about I mention “IQ” doesn’t provide useful measurements of anything, also this was no even an IQ test in The first place.

  22. This is why extreme munchkin builds bother me. You can’t just put everything in strength. You need dexterity and/or wisdom/whatever to control that.

  23. Most of the super popular ones, like Carl and Defiance. Cradle was okay.

  24. Lmfao jason is a fantastic character with a lot of depth compared to 90% of MC's.

  25. He escapes and it gets much better after that. I was also super annoyed by that plot twist but it doesn't last too long. Give it a shot.

  26. Even if we accept this cherry-picked definition of “agi” GPT still doesn’t qualify.

  27. Depends on what is included under content. Buzz feed top tens? Maybe.

  28. One of the fun parts of adult portal or reincarnation isekai is finding their feet after being dumped in just the clothes on tenor back and maybe some system bonuses.

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